The Legend of Heroes
Sora No Kiseki Second Chapter

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# 跟踪   持续时间
CD 1
1.Gin No Ishi Kin No Tsubasa Game Opening Version / Hiroko Yamawaki2:23
2.Welcome to Le-Locle2:46
3.Strepitoso Fight2:50
4. Fight With Assailant2:06
5.Feelings Soar With the Wind Sc Ver.1:49
6.Obstructive Existence2:27
7.Feeling Danger Nearby1:55
8. Sora ?o Miagete2:43
10.Be Depressed2:22
12.Continuation of the Dream3:44
13. Lurking Shadow in the Wilderness2:22
16.Heartless Surprise Attack1:29
17.Flying Battleship Glorious4:50
18.Etude Of The Ruin1:01
19.Gospel Project3:46
21.Looming Threat1:41
22.The Fate of the Fairies3:15
23.Hoshi No Arika Instrumental Ver.4:43
# 跟踪   持续时间
CD 2
1.The Hidden True Form2:13
3.Fateful Confrontation3:06
4. Unleashed Greatest Treasure3:26
5.The City Where the Lights Went Out2:35
6.Gin No Ishi Super Arrange Ver.3:08
7.On the Side of the Goddess3:01
8.Broken Wings2:29
9.Floating City Liber-Ark2:44
10.Aiming for the Future2:16
11.Central Tower Axis-Piller2:43
12.Gravestone Struck By Lightning2:19
13.The Truth Behind the Tragedy3:26
14.Outskirts of Evolution3:18
15.The Merciless Savior7:20
16.Back To Friends2:23
17.Whereabouts of Hope5:12
18.Where The Bonds Are3:01
19.I Swear.../ Kanako Kotera6:13
20.Shine of Eidos - Sora No Kiseki3:08
21.Gin No Ishi Kin No Tsubasa / Hiroko Yamawaki (Bonus Track)5:35


收藏的原声带: Animation

Bee Movie (2007)
FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)
Monde est un Grand Chelm, Le (1986)
となりのトトロ (2004)
Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato: In the Name of Love (1995)
Akira (1988)
Dick Deadeye (1975)
New Adventures Of Bugs Bunny, The (1973)
Gungrave O.S.T. uno: “righthead” (2004)
TMNT (2007)

收藏的原声带: Japanese Cinema

Blood & Bones (2004)
Scene at the Sea, A (2009)
Legend of Heroes, The (2013)
Sora Wo Miagete - The Legend of Heroes (2013)
Masaru Yokoyama NHK Works (2013)
Spirited Away (2001)
Sand Vessel (1980)
Grave of the Chrysanthemum, The (1981)
となりのトトロ (2004)
Giant Robo VI (1995)

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