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The Card
Original Cast Recording 1973

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# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
2.Nine Till FiveJim Dale & Company2:09
3.Lead MeMillicent Martin3:27
4.Universal White Kid GlovesJohn Savident, Millicent Martin & Company2:54
5.Nobody Thought of ItJim Dale & Company2:39
6.Moving OnMillicent Martin2:15
7.That Once a Year FeelingMarti Webb & Company2:42
8.Come Along and Join UsMichael Scott & Company2:21
9.That's the Way the Money GrowsAlan Norburn, Jim Dale & Marti Webb3:12
10.I Could Be the OneMarti Webb3:35
11.The CardCompany2:28
12.Opposite Your SmileMichael Scott & Marti Webb4:37
13.Nothing Succeeds Like SuccessMillicent Martin & Jim Dale4:19
14.The Right ManJohn Savident, Millicent Martin, Jim Dale & Company1:56
15.Nobody Thought of It (Reprise)Company0:53


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