The Sixth Sense

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Main Titles2:48
2.Vincent Gray2:47
3.Shoot Malcolm0:37
4.Run To The Church1:20
5.De Profundis2:24
6.Look At My Face0:43
7.Going To School1:02
8.Mind Reading2:44
10.Upset Words2:55
11.Suicide Ghosts1:36
12.Stuttering Stanley0:59
14.On The Staircase1:10
15.Malcolm's Story - Cole's Secret4:00
16.Hanging Ghosts2:33
17.Dead Boy In Hall1:20
18.Some Magic is Real0:51
19.Tape Of Vincent3:27
20.Help The Ghosts2:03
21.Kyra's Ghost2:31
22.Searching Kyra's House5:03
23.Kyra's Tape2:01
24.See You Tomorrow2:39
25.Malcolm Is Dead4:43
26.End Credits4:13


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