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Quantum Leap
Music From The Television Series

GNP Crescendo (0052824803626)
电视剧/电视剧 | 发布日期: 19/11/1993 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Prologue (Saga Sell) Mike Post/Velton Ray Bunch1:05
2.Quantum Leap - Main Title Mike Post1:14
3.Somewhere In The NightScott Bakula3:32
4.Suite From The Leap Home Velton Ray Bunch3:37
5.ImagineScott Bakula3:05
6.Sam's Prayer /A Single Drop Of Rain Velton Ray Bunch1:52
7.Blue Moon Of KentuckyScott Bakula1:41
8.Baby, Let's Play HouseScott Bakula2:13
9.Shoot Out / The Last Gunfighter Velton Ray Bunch3:03
10.Medley From Man Of La Mancha M. Leigh/Joe Dario6:18
11.Bite Me / Blue Moon Velton Ray Bunch3:29
12.Alphabet Song RapDean Stockwell2:05
13.Suite From Lee Harvey Oswald Velton Ray Bunch14:55
14.Fate's Wide WheelScott Bakula3:03
15.A Conversation With Scott BakulaScott Bakula12:02
16.Quantum Leap - Prologue and Main Title Reprise Mike Post/Velton Ray Bunch2:19


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