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电影 | 发布: 1999 | 电影发行: 1960 | 格式: 光盘




# 跟踪   持续时间
2.Main Title3:40
3.The Mines3:01
4.Slave Ship1:18
5.I'm Not An Animal3:29
6.Training / Marcellus Paint / Different Cell4:29
7.Did They Hurt You3:03
8.Crassus Arrives0:51
9.The Romans2:36
10.Choosing The Gladiators (Cut From Film)2:33
11.Crassus Meets Varinia3:32
12.Gladiators Fight To The Death / Drabbas Death9:55
13.Marcellus Soup / Revolt / Rome4:11
14.Crassus Villa0:39
15.Looting / Deserted School1:56
16.Army Of Gladiators / Reunion With Varinia4:47
17.Oysters And Snails3:03
18.Vesuvius Camp / Volunteers / Grachus Drunken March5:20
19.Antoninus Song / Blue Shadows And Purple Hills4:34
20.Glabrus Sighted - Burning Camp3:37
21.End Of Act One1:44
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Intermission Music2:26
2.Crossing The Alps / Dead Baby / By The Pool6:45
4.Bath House1:18
5.The Sea1:00
7.The People Assemble0:33
8.The Two Armies March1:55
9.Night Before The Battle5:24
10.The Battle8:41
11.Field Of Bodies / Varinia's Baby2:05
12.I Am Spartacus / Crassus Finds Varinia In The Field3:15
13.Slave Line / Mass Crucifixion2:48
14.Night Crucifixions0:36
15.Crassus And Varinia4:55
16.Fear Of Death / Crassus Slap / Antoninus Death10:17
17.Goodbye My Life, My Love4:17
18.Exit Music2:50
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Night Before Battle3:09
2.Glabrus Camp0:59
3.The Battle Regions1:35
4.Onto The Sea (Alternate Version)3:00
6.Festival (Longer Version Than LP)3:22
8.Oysters And Snails (Longer Version Than LP)3:06
9.Prelude To Gladiator Fight3:07
10.Opening Scene / The Mines3:04
11.Ship To The Gladiator School1:20
12.Night After Drabbas Death (Alternate Version)2:20
13.On To The Sea / Dead Baby / Victory Montage8:13
14.Alternate Dead Baby0:48
15.Glabrus March (Alternate Version)0:18
16.Spartacus Marches (Alternate Version)0:36
17.Night Before Battle (Stereo Version Of Both Halves Of "Night Before Battle")5:25
18.Fear Of Death3:26
19.Night Before Battle (Alternate Version)0:48
20.Did They Hurt You (Alternate Version)1:49
21.End Of Act One (1st Alternate Version)0:20
22.End Of Act One (2nd Alternate Version)0:14
23.End Of Act One (3rd Alternate Version)0:25
24.End Of Act One (4th Alternate Version, Caesar Entering Rome In Cleopatra)1:07
25.Main Title (Alternate Version)3:36
26.Varinia Is Found (Alternate Version)0:47
27.Unknown Piece0:51


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