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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

电影 游戏配乐 | 发布: 2008 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
The Force Unleashed
2.The Force Unleased1:19
3.Control Room Due3:40
4.Raiding The Junk Temple2:53
5.Drexl's Lecherous Band Of Raiders2:50
6.Arrival At Felucia3:27
7.Howl Of The Sarlac3:19
8.Battling The Bull Rancor2:07
9.Proxy And The Skyhook2:35
10.Moment Of Redemption2:15
11.Juno Eclipse1:08
13.Star Wars Theme3:12
The Battle For Endor
14.Noa And Terak3:43
16.The Setup / Terak's Theme3:06
17.Noa's Ark2:09
18.Good Night, Bad Dreams3:12
19.Poker Game2:15
20.The House / Escape3:14
Caravan Of Courage
22.Introduction & Main Title2:46
23.The Trek1:58
26.The Pulga Chase2:47
Shadows Of The Empire
27.Empire Suite7:59
Force Commander
28.Ewoks Theme4:03
The Clone Wars
29.Clone Suite2:26
Bonus Track
30.Star Tours Theme3:52


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