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Danger Man Half Hour Episodes

Network (5027626900533)
电视剧/电视剧 | 发布日期: 01/10/2008 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
Disc One
1.Nervous Man0:27
2.The Stabbing0:28
3.Main Titles0:25
4.Vienna Tail0:36
5.Alias Van Horne0:19
6.The Safe0:22
7.Strange Truth0:16
8.Worried Wife0:56
9.Following Drake1:08
10.The Knife0:27
11.Mug Shots0:09
12.Guilty Wife0:58
13.Police Surveillance0:57
14.Dirty Work1:38
15.The Sniper0:21
16.Cold Paris Morning0:28
17.Dead Man's Photo0:09
18.Border Check0:56
19.More Guards0:27
20.Drake's Rifle2:33
21.Radio Source2:49
22.Cafe Source1:27
23.Band Tune Up 10:18
24.Band Tune Up 20:15
25.Cymbal Crash0:10
26.A Game Of Patience0:21
27.Dodging The Police1:09
28.Mysterious Miss Lee0:45
29.Sneaking Out0:32
30.The Refugees0:52
32.Fight & Shootout0:27
33.Cut Engines0:09
34.The Scam Revealed0:44
35.Sailing Away0:13
36.African Bush0:10
38.Calling Drake0:55
39.Explosive Situation0:38
40.Drake In Africa0:45
41.Torn Pound Note0:05
42.Expert Guide0:22
43.Party Source2:24
44.Party Source 22:59
45.Cellar Rendezvous0:45
46.Good Boy0:06
47.African Drive0:20
49.Jungle Pursuit1:21
50.Assignment Over0:13
51.Commercial Break Sting0:05
# 跟踪   持续时间
Disc Two
1.Julio's Angel0:23
2.Fishing Boat0:24
3.Unused Cue 12:11
4.Unused Cue 22:09
5.Helpful Dog1:41
6.Arab Quarter0:11
7.Smoking Arabs0:44
9.The Gun0:06
11.Unused Cue 30:11
12.Unused Cue 40:18
13.Through The Window1:13
14.Unused Cue 50:35
15.Wild Party Source1:03
16.Cha Cha Source2:31
17.Hotel Room Search1:29
18.Unused Cue 61:58
19.Sleeping In The Cave1:50
20.La Vera Sorrentina1:01
21.Italian Song0:20
22.Moonlight Sonata5:58
23.Etude Opus 10 No 12 in C-major2:24
24.Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp4:50
25.You Got Love2:24
26.You're The One For Me2:03
27.Jukebox Source3:08
28.End Titles0:49
29.Main Titles A Take 1 (unused)0:25
30.Main Titles Theme Take 1 (unused)0:26
31.Main Titles A Take 2 (unused)0:25
32.Main Titles B Take 2 (unused)0:24
33.Main Titles Take 3 (unused)0:24
34.Main Titles (backing theme)0:24
35.Band Tune Up (unused)0:43
36.You Got Love (music only)2:15
37.You Got Love (vocal only)2:08
38.Bells Of The Angels0:47
39.You're The One For Me (instrumental)2:01
40.Commercial Break Sting0:05


Every government has its secret service branch: America, its CIA; France, Deuxieme Bureau; England, MI5. NATO also has its own. A messy job? Well that’s when they usually call on me, or someone like me, Oh yes, my name is Drake, John Drake.”Never previously released and compiled from the original master tapes, this two-disc set comprises all the existing pieces of Edwin Astley’s celebrated music for the half-hour episodes of Danger Man, containing over 90 pieces which were specially commissioned for the series. Including extensive liner notes from archive television historian Andrew Pixley, this set is an essential purchase for all ITC aficionados.

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