The Old Man and the Sea

电影 | 发布: 1999 | 电影发行: 1958 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.The Old Man and the Sea2:39
2.Cojimar Harbor and the Old Man3:24
3.The Boy1:15
4.Fisherman's Cantina2:42
5.The Old Man Loved the Boy1:58
6.The Fisherman's Lament1:57
7.And the Old Man Rowed Out to the Ocean1:40
8.The Old Man Catches His Bait2:34
9.Sunset and Red Clouds2:17
10.I Am Your Dream2:42
11.A Small Bird Came Toward the Skiff3:20
12.In the Tavern at Casa Blanca2:17
13.Just Before It Was Dark2:41
14.The Duel With the Fish4:44
15.The Shark Fight1:53
16.The Lost Fight1:50


其他版本 The Old Man and the Sea (1958):

Old Man and the Sea, The (1989)
Old Man and the Sea, The (1998)
Dimitri Tiomkin: Original Sound Track Music (1965)
Old Man and the Sea, The (1968)
Old Man And The Sea, The (2019)

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