Best Howard Hawks Movie Themes
The Director Series





# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Main Title / Finale (Bringing up Baby, 1938)Roy Webb1:59
2.Main Title (Sergeant York, 1941)Max Steiner1:44
3.The Walk in the Park (Ball of Fire, 1941)Alfred Newman1:34
4.Drum Boogie (Ball of Fire, 1941)Martha Tilton, Gene Krupa and his Orchestra2:51
5.Main Title (To Have and to Have Not, 1944)Franz Waxman1:30
6.How Little We Know (To Have and Have Not, 1944)Lauren Bacall1:44
7.Main Title (The Big Sleep 1946)Max Steiner0:58
8.And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (The Big Sleep 1946)Lauren Bacall, The Williams Brothers1:43
9.Main Title (A Song Is Born, 1948)Emil Newman And His Orchestra1:33
10.Stealin' Apples (A Song Is Born, 1948)Benny Goodman Trio, Lionel Hampton Big Band2:32
11.Daddy-O (A Song Is Born, 1948)Jeri Sullavan, The Page Cavanaugh Trio2:32
12.Settle Down (Red River, 1948)Dimitri Tiomkin2:39
13.Main Title (I Was a Male War Bride, 1950)Cyril Mockridge, Lionel Newman And His Orchestra1:47
14.Main Title (The Thing from Another World, 1951)Dimitri Tiomkin1:45
15.Main Title (Monkey Business, 1952)Leigh Harline1:32
16.Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, 1953 (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953)Marilyn Monroe4:42
17.Main Title (Land of the Pharaons, 1955)Dimitri Tiomkin2:08
18.Main Title Song (Rio Bravo, 1959)Dean Martin3:01
19.My Rifle, My Pony, and Me (Rio Bravo, 1959)Dean Martin, Rick Nelson2:11
20.Main Theme / The Intruders (Rio Bravo, 1959)Dimitri Tiomkin3:58
21.Main Title (Hatari !, 1962)Henry Mancini2:56
22.Main Title (Man's Favorite Sport, 1964)Henry Mancini2:04


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