American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Danny's Theme1:08
2.You're Going to Get Yourself Killed1:20
3.Octopus Overture2:03
4.Christian Consumed2:05
6.Birth of PROMIS1:46
7.Last Time You Saw Him/Danny Keeps Going2:18
8.If an Accident Happens to Me3:11
9.Two Truths and a Lie2:35
10.Parallel Universe I0:40
11.Michael's Theme2:26
12.The Trap Door2:14
13.Cabazon Phrases I2:20
14.Who is John Philip Nichols?1:44
15.The Tape1:31
16.Connections I1:04
17.Angels of Life and Death2:39
18.Cabazon Phrases II0:54
19.The Car Ride2:52
20.Parallel Universe II1:38
21.Triple Homicide2:52
22.Cabazon Introduction2:19
23.A Sociopath can Help a Psychopath1:44
24.Encountering this Odyssey2:35
25.San Francisco Investigations3:10
26.Robert Booth Nichols2:08
27.The Octopus3:04
28.Connections II2:39


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