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Cinema Tivoli

Quartet Records (8436035001750)
电影 | 发布日期: 20/09/2010 | 格式: CD
限量版: 500 副本




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Black and Blue3:02
2.Un largo verano2:46
3.Opus Bach2:33
4.Rosa bianche per una dama triste4:07
5.Walking on the Beach3:47
7.The Policeman2:33
8.Black Jack3:26
9.Top Model3:57
10.Capricornio Pop2:26
11.Fair Play2:13
12.Once Again1:07
14.This Girl1:05
15.Titulos de credito2:09
16.Camino de Vogel2:38
17.Tema para Isabel5:30
18.El amor ha desaparecido2:58
19.La arboleda perdida2:32
20.Siempre la lluvia2:19
22.Play Girl2:02
23.Jinete solitario1:12
24.Minuetto en La Menor3:01
25.Retrato de Wagner3:46
26.Los placeres y los dias4:27
27.Blues para un maniqui5:38
28.Danza del diablo2:59


Alfonso Santisteban is one of the most amazing film composers of the 70’s Spanish and Italian film industry. Having scored over a hundred films, he has virtually transformed every genre with his particular style: thriller, erotic, horror, poliziesco, giallo, comedy, gay drama, romantic comedies, etc.

“Cinema Tivoli” is a summary of all the above, a broad tour of about 80 minutes long featuring original versions composed and conducted by the maestro himself for such cult films as “Killer of the Dolls”, “Vampires of Vogel”, “Casta y Pura”, “No es bueno que el hombre esté solo”, “Forbidden Love Game”, “Savana Violenza Carnale”, “Taxi Lover, servizio per signora”, “Dick Turpin”, “Rapinna a sesso armato”, among others.

Produced under the supervision of the composer, this CD comes with a 24-pages booklet with pictures and posters of all the films as well as liner notes by Santisteban and expert Juan Sánchez. An explosive cocktail of lounge music, shakes, bosanovas, female voices, sweet jazz balads, Caribbean sounds, blaxploitation, beats, etc. Enjoy the flavour of somebody from a unique era who had a incredible touch for melody.

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