Quo Vadis

Tadlow Music (5400211001721)
电影 | 发布日期: 23/10/2012 | 电影发行: 1951 | 格式: 光盘




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Overture (Intermezzo)3:01
2.Main Title (original version) / Appian Way2:25
3.Calvary / Marcus' Chariot1:06
4.Lygia / Hymn to Apollo5:15
5.Marcus and Lygia / Preghiera5:23
6.Dance of the Vestal Virgins1:04
7.Fanfares for Nero / Hail Nero (Triumphal March)4:13
8.Eunice / The Hostage1:41
9.The Women's Quarters of Nero / Roman Bacchanale5:26
10.Third Fanfare for Nero / Assyrian Dance3:56
11.The Burning of Troy1:48
12.Fanfare for the Wrestlers / Siciliana Antiqua / Dance of the Muses4:33
13.Escape / Petronius and Eunice / Chilo5:18
14.Jesu Lord / The Last Supper / Resurrection Hymn (Orchestra and Choir)3:44
15.Vae Victis / Caritas5:48
16.Mea Culpa / Non Omnia Vincit Amor / Temptation4:09
17.Eunice's Song at Antium / Petronius' Presentiment2:35
18.Marcus and Poppea2:35
19.Chariot Chase3:42
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Prelude to Second Part / The Road to Rome / The Burning of Rome7:03
2.The Burning of Rome (Nero's Fire Song)2:41
3.Tu Es Petrus3:30
4.Petronius' Meditation / Petronius' Decision2:29
5.The Prison / The Vision of Peter4:02
6.Petronius' Banquet Music / Petronius' Death (parts 1 & 2)3:03
7.Ave Caesar / Fourth Fanfare for Nero1:14
8.First Arena Fanfare / Where O Death? / Second Arena Fanfare / Resurrection Hymn (a cappella choir)3:22
9.Third Arena Fanfare / Aftermath / Hymen / Ecce Homo Petrus5:46
10.Fanfare for Burning / Incarnate Godhead / Fifth Fanfare for Nero / Fanfare for Ursus & Lygia / Upon These Lilies2:20
11.Fanfare for the Bull / Finis Poppaea / Nero's Suicide5:50
12.Hail Galba1:31
13.Finale and Chorus2:31
15.BONUS TRACK: Main Title (film version)1:32
16.QUO VADIS CONCERT SUITE: Ave Caesar (Triumphal March)4:16
19.Quo Vadis Domine?4:10


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