Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Darktide Main Theme4:17
2.The Uprising On Hive Tertium2:44
3.Prison Break2:38
4.Onboard The Tancred Bastion1:57
5.Escaping The Prison Ship1:37
6.The Imperium Unites1:33
7.Immortal Imperium3:54
8.Dropship To Hive Tertium2:21
9.Entering The Hive City0:54
10.The Transit Horde2:04
11.Imperium Of Man2:41
12.The Mourningstar2:27
13.Disposal Unit (Imperium Mix)3:33
14.Late Night Entertainment1:56
16.City Of Tertium1:59
17.Broadcast Apparatus2:12
18.Apparatus Receiving2:22
19.Data Interference2:14
20.Forge Manufactorum2:36
21.Atoma Prime3:55
22.Entering Throneside1:46
23.Waiting To Strike2:22
24.Path Of Trust3:57
25.Unrest In Throneside2:02
26.Transmission Commences3:39
27.Offworld Auspex2:34
28.Hive City Lowest Level3:28
29.The Torrent Fights Back2:43
30.Warp Traveller3:10
32.Escape Initiated1:18
33.Imperial Advance2:02
34.Hab Block Bonanza2:12
35.The Will Of The Imperium2:29
36.Write Transmit3:13
37.Sublevel Data Interrogation2:16
38.Reality Slipping2:45
39.Heart Of Heresy1:54
40.Embrace Of The Chaos Cult2:02
41.Forge Chaos Detected1:33
42.Last Man Standing2:10
43.The Emperor Of Mankind3:29
45.The Imperium Unites Part 2 (Bonus Track)1:17
46.Disposal Unit (Original Mix)3:03
47.Reality Slipping (Imperium Mix)1:39
48.Transmission Commences (Late Night Mix)3:53


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