The Man Who Fell to Earth

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# 跟踪   持续时间
2.The Precinct1:04
3.Free to Go0:48
5.Not What She Is For2:04
6.When the Clouds Disappear5:03
7.The God They Can't Ignore1:39
8.Eye of the Hurricane5:03
9.All I Have4:00
11.Interrogation, Pt. 24:06
12.Purpose and Potential2:38
13.102 End Titles1:12
14.Please Don't Fire Your Brother3:54
15.More Water1:20
16.The Transformed Man-The Door in Front of You4:48
17.Quantum Fusion, Pt. 22:54
19.Base 60-Don't Lie to Me7:05
21.Flight to Origen3:05
22.Fuck It Man0:20
23.Are You a Presenter1:00
24.Piano Open2:25
25.Bad Dream1:21
26.Bathtub-The Collapse of Newton2:10
27.The Family Home1:15
28.About Thomas Newton1:50
29.Afraid of Each Other-Newton's Pain9:20
30.Trying to Survive5:01
31.Your Mission Is My Mission7:00
32.Setting Up at Origen1:44
33.How to Work With Us1:44
34.All Failing Until It Isn't2:07
35.Be in the Moment2:10
36.The Potential for All Things4:42
37.Beginning the Change2:38
38.Only the Beginning1:17
39.Drones Vs People-Choices1:36
40.Family Consumption-Prayer0:50
42.The Gamut of Emotions1:59
43.Shame and Self1:22
45.I Made the Call1:09
46.Josiah Falls2:39
47.What Shame Became1:07
49.Call and Response2:55
51.Humanity Is Quantum3:27
52.The Op2:26
54.Hydro Power-A New Anthean2:39
55.She's the Boss3:45
56.Reaching Out2:09
58.Dinosaur or Alien3:12
59.Caly's Secret1:08
60.Newton's Lies2:54
62.Grapefruit and Soap4:52
63.We Need Another Car-Hatch Exposed2:59
64.This Is the Fight-Won't Die Tonight5:19
65.I Hate You2:08
66.Bigger Than Us, Pt. 11:59
67.He's Dying-Clay's Exposure4:52
68.The Chance for Redemption2:42
69.Off the Grid2:04
70.Fuck Your Patriarchy3:34
71.Bring Him1:29
72.TT108 End Credits1:15
73.Nothing in the Middle4:49
74.Elements of Torture-You'll Wish You Were Dead3:37
75.Dodging the Bullets1:47
76.Bigger Than Us, Pt. 22:22
77.Clearing the Air5:49
78.First Question1:02
79.Second Question0:23
80.The Asset7:47
82.109 End Credits1:14
83.Our Last Hope5:05
84.Best of Both2:14
85.I Have Faith-The Legend of Faraday and Quantum Fission3:04
86.My Mission Is Your Mission2:12
87.The Next Step in Human Evolution6:16
88.Because You Love Me3:43
89.Go Now1:49
90.110 End Credits1:16
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The Man Who Fell to Earth - 08/10 - 评论 Liam Martinez, 提交于 (英语)
This is an album that has both it's good moments and it's bland moments. There are quite a few tracks on here that are simply bland stock sentimental music with some static-y sounds added to it.

But, there are also some tracks that I think really show the talent of Jeff Russo. Some of the tracks, like Flight to Origen, exhibit some experimentation with a more techno sound that I think is used very well. Other tracks, like the Family Home, sound reminiscent of classic film scores from the 40s. Some tracks, in my opinion, even sound like they could be composed by modern geniuses, like Michael Giacchino.

Honestly, the biggest thing holding this album back is its length. I am always a fan of getting more music from movies and shows out there, but at almost four and a half hours, this album starts to drain on you if you try to listen to it in one sitting, especially since some tracks start to sound the same and blend together around the album's halfway mark.

I still say it's worth checking out, just know what you're getting into.
The Man Who Fell to Earth - 08/10 - 评论 Liam Martinez, 提交于 (英语)
Sorry, I didn't mean to submit my review twice. My computer was acting up.

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