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Doctor Who Series 13 - Flux
Silva Screen - SILED1680

Silva Screen Records 30/09/2022 CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
Volume 1
1.Series 13 Opening Titles:Se
2.A Little Skirmish:Se
3.What Lies Ahead:Se
4.Renewed at Last:Se
5.Must Not Blink:Se
6.Dancing Across Space and Time:Se
7.I Know Where We Are:Se
8.I Will Find You:Se
10.Short-Term Repair:Se
11.The Other Things:Se
12.When Is This?:Se
13.There Is No Greater Battle:Se
14.All Is Ending:Se
15.Iím Not Giving Up:Se
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Volume 2
1.Rapid Response Unit:Se
2.You Are Recalled:Se
3.Village of The Angels End Credits:Se
4.On My Way:Se
5.We Are Conversion:Se
6.An Incredible Stroke of Luck:Se
7.Where Are We?:Se
8.Fetch Your Dog:Se
9.We Have Everything We Need:Se
10.I Can Rend Them All to Dust:Se
11.And Then We Will Play:Se
12.The Ultimate Betrayal:Se
13.Nothing Is Forever:Se
14.Where Would Earth Be Without You?:Se
15.Series 13 End Credits:Se
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Bonus Disc (physical CD only)
1.367 Minutes:Re
2.A Cuppa:Re
3.Something Revolutionary:Re
4.Breakout Ball:Re
5.The Clone:Re
6.The Production Line:Re
7.Stability and Security:Re
8.Thank You for Being My Friend:Re
10.The Death Squad:Re
11.Bad Boys:Re
12.Bye Fam:Re


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