Mark Tewarson
住宅: United States of America
(传记只有英文版) (更新 2023-03-07)

Mark Tewarson is a film composer living in Los Angeles. In 2023 his music will be heard on two upcoming films, Assassin (Bruce Willis, Andy Allo) and Iceman (documentary of NBA star George Gervin). In 2018 Mark’s score for the HBO documentary “Momentum Generation” was nominated for a sports Emmy for outstanding musical direction.

Mark also recently released his first album, “Coastal”. A modern classical album comprised of Modular synths, strings and winds.

The classical music blog I care if you listen described it this way

“Coastal, is Mark Tewarson’s first concert music album, yet the art of the climax often heard in film music is still masterfully felt. Whether intended or not, each track evokes a setting, a plot, exposed characters, and even more exposing camera angles. Composers often intend to paint scenes in their music, but Coastal is comfortably composed in the director’s chair.”

Mark began his musical journey at a young age studying classical piano and viola at the New England Conservatory of Music, he did his first tours of Europe and South America at age fourteen. During high school he fell in love with the guitar and jazz which brought him to pursue a degree in jazz studies at NYU.

Since graduating Mark has had a long and diverse career, beginning as a touring and session guitar player in NYC. Where he played and recorded with artists like Patti Smith, DJ Spinna, Falguni Shah, Escort and Topaz. He was a winner of the prestigious BMI songwriting competition in 2000. He was also a part time member of the musicals Jersey Boys and Fela.

Mark gradually began to shift his focus to composing and got his start scoring numerous commercials for brands like Apple, Google, Budweiser as well as a few super bowl commercials. This led him to the pursuit of film and the city of Los Angeles. All this real life experience has given Mark a deep and rich understanding of different musical genres which he now brings to the scoring stage. His scores are able to live in the modern world but still honor the traditions of the past.

Mark is a loving father of two boys, a confirmed tennis addict, and can make a pizza fit for the streets of Brooklyn.