Guy Cuyvers
生日: 1960
: (updated 2009-11-10)

Guy Cuyvers (°Antwerp, 1960) is considered one of the most versatile musical talents of his country. As a classical guitar player he has been acclaimed by Angel Romero and the international press unanimously praises his film scores.

His first composition for large symphonic orchestra was performed in the U.S. when he was only 18. Guy majored in music at the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Music in Antwerp. He obtained first prices of solfege, guitar and chamber music, certificates of music analysis, musical form and pedagogics. In 1983 Guy was awarded a graduate assistantship by The American University in Washington, D.C. The Master of Arts program he followed supplemented his training in guitar, advanced composition, orchestra conducting and musical arts management. His compositions are mostly written for chamber music, choir, guitar, musical and band. As a guitarist, Guy took private lessons with Angel Romero and Pepe Romero. Guy was laureate in a masterclass given by José Thomas in 1984 and finalist in Belgian national television’s Tenuto competition one year later.

In 1995 his career as a film composer knew a successful start with the American production Sea Fever. This first film score led to a commission to write the music for the international co-production Into the rising sun, broadcast worldwide. The soundtrack was recorded with The Flemish Radio Orchestra and Choir and released by PolyGram. The recording of Sea Power followed a year later with the same orchestra, resulting in the release of the Sea Suites cd. By autumn 2001, Guy finished writing the music for Setting Sail, a four-part international television series on maritime history. The recording was completed in November 2001, again with his favourite orchestra. The Setting Sail soundtrack was released in may 2002 with the support of the Antwerp Port Authority. In 2003, Guy started performing with his new acoustic band Lunes. Their first album was released in may 2005.

By the end of 2008, Guy finished writing the filmmusic for Tokaido and completed his 5th book for guitar. In 2009, Guy wrote the main part of the score for Lauras Stern 2, a German-Chinese 3D animation movie. He succeeded Hans Zimmer, who wrote the main part for the first movie.

Besides writing for film and guitar, he composed numerous works in all domains of music. Exqi Culture (HDTV Culture Across Europe) concert bands and singer Jo Lemaire are some of them. Guy’s discography counts almost 10 CD’s so far. Among his other professional activities, Guy is head co-ordinator at the academy of music in the city of Mortsel, where he also teaches classical guitar.