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2001 Best Original Score of the Year Not Released on an Album
Antitrust, Don Davis
BLOW, Graeme Revell
Bridget Jones' Diary, Patrick Doyle Vencedora
Moulin Rouge!, Craig Armstrong
Pauline & Paulette, Fréderic Devreese

2001 Discovery of the Year
Beck Revenge, Adam Norden
Cheap Smokes, Panayotis Kalantzopoulos
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Tan Dun Kiss Of The Dragon, Moulin Rouge!, Craig Armstrong Vencedora
Man Who Cried, The, Osvaldo Golijov
Pollock, Jeff Beal

2001 Lifetime Achievement Award
Lifetime Achievement, Elmer Bernstein Vencedora

2001 Most Creative Use of Existing Material on a Soundtrack