Toy Soldiers
Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 470

Intrada Special Collection 07/12/2021 CD (720258547002)
Filme Lançamento do filme: 1991

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Prelude/Escape From Barranquilla4:01
2.Regis School1:52
3.Sneaking To The Cellar1:34
4.Border Killing1:25
5.The Mouth Wash Incident1:51
6.Billy’s Caper2:03
7.The Capture Of Regis3:52
9.Surrounding The School1:32
10.Cali’s Demand3:14
11.Uneasy Quiet2:13
12.Beginning Of The Plan2:11
13.Billy’s Escape1:47
14.Billy’s Mad Dash/Billy Meets The Army3:44
15.Running Back To School2:31
16.In The Nick Of Time1:16
17.The Boys Reflect (Joey’s Death)3:44
18.Father’s Pain2:20
19.The Wrath Of Joey’s Father1:15
20.Billy Snaps Out Of It4:06
21.Billy Changes The Chip4:06
22.Narrow Escape/Closing In/Jack Gets It5:49
23.The End Of Cali4:09
24.Toy Soldiers End Credits4:59
The Extra
25.All’s Well (Toy Soldiers End Credits–Alternate)4:21
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