Don't Look Up

Republic Records 10/12/2021 Download

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Just Look Up (From Don’t Look Up) (Clean)Ariana Grande & Kid Cudi 
4.On Hold 
5.The Call 
6.C-5 Galaxy 
7.Don't Look Up: Main Title Theme 
8.BASH Corporate Ident: 
9.Hyperobject Approaches 
10.My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me 
11.The Arrest 
12.It's A Strange Glorious World 
13.The Launch 
14.The BASH Presentation 
15.Kate Goes Home 
16.FEMA-BASH Commercial 
17.Arrival At The Hangar 
18.There Is A Comet 
19.The Comet Appears 
20.The Prayer For Stuff 
21.The BASH Launch 
22.Twenty-Four Drones Is Enough 
23.It All Comes Down To This 
24.Thanksgiving (Overture To Logic And Knowledge) 
25.The End? 
26.Memento Mori 
27.Don't Look Up: End Credits Suite 
28.Logic Waltz In B Major (Bonus Track) 
29.Don't Look Up: Main Title Suite (Bonus Track) 
30.Ode To Science (Bonus Track) 
31.Second NatureBon Iver 
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Oscars: Best Original Score (Nomeado)

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