Becoming Bond
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# Rastrear   Duração
1.The Forgotten James Bond1:11
2.Twelve, Maybe Thirteen0:50
3.A Wild Larrikin1:06
4.Who Cares?0:52
5.Snakes and Bats1:17
6.My Bike’s Broken Down1:07
7.Dry Rooting0:31
8.Listen, Don’t Talk2:04
9.A Little Roughed Up1:50
10.Intimidated by the Love2:14
11.In a Tortuous State1:34
12.Totally in Love2:54
13.Sailing to London1:03
14.It Was Instinctive1:02
16.I Could Smell Her1:09
17.Smoke out of My Butt1:50
18.Gone to Heaven0:47
20.Pass Me a Banana1:22
21.Two or Three Times a Day0:39
22.On the Kings Road0:38
23.Maggie Calls3:15
24.Casting Office4:41
25.The Airport3:42
26.Having Fun With It1:43
27.A Little Bigger Head0:48
28.Helicopters at Night2:06
29.A Famously Bad Decision1:42
30.This Is Who I Am0:44
31.Write Your Own Story3:01
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