The John Harle Collection

Sospiro Records 30/10/2020 CD (5052442018803)

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1.Samba Triste 
2.Sultry Sunset (Live) 
3.Star-Crossed Lovers (Live / Night Waltz 
5.You Must Meet My Wife 
6.In a Sentimental Mood 
7.Sonata Movement 1 (Live) 
8.Children’s Songs 1 
9.Children’s Songs 2 
10.Children’s Songs 3 
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3.'Round Midnight 
4.Anyone Home 
5.I’ll Remember April 
6.Gymnopedie 1 
7.Gymnopedie 2 
8.Gymnopedie 3 
9.Lush Life 
10.Taxi Driver 
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1.Concerto Movements 1-2 Introduzione-Allegro (Live) 
2.Concerto Movement 3 (Live) 
3.Concerto Movement 4 (Live) 
4.Lost and Found 
5.Taxi Driver A Night Piece (Live) 
6.Saxo-Rhapsody (Live) 
7.Ballad (Live) 
8.Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Trumpet Movement 1 Allegro burlesco (Live) 
9.Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Trumpet Movement 2 Adagio (Live) 
10.Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Trumpet Movement 3 Vivacissimo (Live) 
# Rastrear   Duração
1.Sonata Movement 1 Allegro (Live) 
2.Sonata Movement 2 Allegretto (Live) 
3.Sonata Movement 3 Allegretto-Presto (Live) 
4.Sonate Movement 1 Allegro (Live) 
5.Sonate Movement 2 (Live) 
6.Sonate Movement 3 Allegro Moderato (Live) 
7.Sequenza IXb (Live) 
8.In a Hall of Mirrors (Live) 
9.Improvisation 1 (Live) 
10.Sonata Movement 1 With Vigor (Live) 
11.Sonnet (Live) / Backings (Live) 
12.Pan (Live) 
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1.Histoire du Tango Movement 1 Bordel 1900 (Live) 
2.Histoire du Tango Movement 2 Café 1930 (Live) 
3.Histoire du Tango Movement 3 Nightclub 1960 (Live) 
4.Histoire du Tango Movement 4 Concert d’Aujourd’hui (Live) 
5.Acordeon de Roto Corazan (Live) 
6.Quatour Movement 1 Allegro non troppo (Live) 
7.Quatour Movement 2 Andante poco largo (Live) 
8.Quatour Movement 3 Allegro energico (Live) 
9.Threepenny Opera Movement 1 Ouverture (Live) 
10.Threepenny Opera Movement 2 Tango-Ballade (Live) 
11.Threepenny Opera Movement 3 Polly’s Song (Live) 
12.Threepenny Opera Movement 4 The Ballad of The Good Life-The Ballad of Mac the Knife-Choral (Live) 
13.Nuages (Live) 
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1.The Emperor Quartet Movement 1 (Live) 
2.Quatour Movement 1 Gaguenardise (Live) 
3.Quatour Movement 2 Cantilene (Live) 
4.Quatour Movement 3 Serenade Comique (Live) 
5.Foursquare (Live) / Quatour Movement 1 Allegro non troppo (Live) 
6.Quatour Movement 2 Andante poco largo (Live) 
7.Quatour Movement 3 Allegro energico (Live) 
8.Fridiof Kennings (Live) 
9.Five Melodies for Four Saxophones Doubling Seven More (Live) 
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1.Diversions Movement 1 Gusty (Live) 
2.Diversions Movement 2 Blowing Blue (Live) 
3.Diversions Movement 3 Sea Breeze (Live) 
4.Cache-Cache (Live) 
5.Quatour Movement 1 Ouverture Brilliante (Live) 
6.Quatour Movement 2 Doloroso (Live) 
7.Quatour Movement 3 Spirituoso (Live) 
8.Quatour Movement 3 Andante and Presto (Live) 
9.Quatour Movement 1 Gaguenardise (Live) 
10.Quatour Movement 2 Cantilene (Live) 
11.Quatour Movement 3 Serenade Comique (Live) 
12.Consortium (Live) 
13.Weep No More (Live) 
14.Flying Birds (Live) 
15.Quartet Movement 1 Allegro Moderato (Live) 
16.Quartet Movement 2 Scherzo-Allegro Moderato (Live) 
17.Quartet Movement 3 Adagio Molto (Live) 
18.Quartet Movement 4 Alla Marcia, con spirito (Live) 
19.Quartet Movement 1 Conversation (Live) 
20.Quartet Movement 2 Meditation (Live) 
21.Quartet Movement 3 Soliloque (Live) 
22.The Poacher (Live) 
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1.Vespers (Live) 
2.Sederunt (Live) 
3.The Saxophone Mass (Live) 
4.Tre Pezzi No. 1 (Live) 
5.The Train (Live) 
6.Saron Cadora (Live) 
7.La Santa Espina (Live) 
8.The Moscow Express (Live) 
9.Coltrane (Live) 
10.The Status Quo (Live) 
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2.Frank and Alice Go Boating 
3.The Interludes 
4.Alice’s Party 
5.Leviathan (Live) 
6.The Death of Dr Schoen 
7.Memory and Imagination 
9.Three Secrets from the Abyss No 1 With quiet simplicity but intense introspection 
10.Three Secrets from the Abyss No 2 With quiet simplicity but unutterable sadness 
11.Three Secrets from the Abyss No 3 With quiet simplicity but profound longing 
12.Arcadia-Invocation Procession and Meditation 
13.Arcadia-Evolution and Dedication 
# Rastrear   Duração
1.Black Bottom 
2.Berlin Tango 
3.The Stock Exchange Song 
4.The Love Market 
6.Baby In Der Bar (Extracts) 
7.The Ballad of Marie Sanders 
8.Four Hollywood Elegies 
9.To Those Born Later 
10.Lonely House 
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1.Shipbuilding (Live) 
2.Spring-Heeled Jack 
3.No-one To Say Goodnight To 
4.Flow My Teares (Live) 
5.My Fair Lady 
6.Without Love (Live) 
7.The Vampire of Highgate 
8.Angel Eyes 
9.The Rocky Road (Live) 
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1.Las Vegas Tango (Live) 
2.Alice’s Party (Live) 
3.Children’s Songs (Live) 
4.Landscaper (Live) 
6.Me Old China 
7.London Blues 
8.Coming Out 
9.Surf Boy 
10.Elegy for Trane (Live) 
11.Swing Theory 
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1.Silent Witness Theme-Danny L Harle Remix 
2.Higher Love 
3.God Looking for a Good Time 
6.Countdown Machine for Prepared Pianos and Electronics 
7.Innocent (after Francis Bacon’s Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X) 
8.Foaming at the Mouth 
9.Electric Ethnology 
10.The Little Death Machine for Saxophone Quartet and Tape 
# Rastrear   Duração
1.Silent Witness Theme (Silencium) 
2.The Bicycle of Marcel Duchamp 
3.Beverley Hills 
4.Vaudeville Boy 
5.Bedlam Blonde 
6.Summer in the Forest 
7.A Man and a Woman 
9.Fresh Flowers 
10.Time Is Not An Illusion 
12.The Shadow of your Smile 
13.Theme from Mame 
14.Pandora’s Box (Charleston) 
15.Pandora’s Box (The Death of Dr Schoen) 
17.Find Your Heart 
18.The Grand Canyon 
19.The Bradford Bomb 
21.The Thames Barrier 
23.The Scrabble Game 
# Rastrear   Duração
1.The Disposition of the Rooms 
2.The Stele of all the Measures 
5.The Power of Limits 
8.Sinfonia Jubilate 
13.Marcha del Circo 
14.Three Musicians 
15.Mandolin and Guitar 
17.Voyager (Live) 
18.Moccasin Trail 
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1.Byrd on a Bryre 
2.The Three Ravens 
3.The Three Ravens 
4.Syrinx (Live) 
5.Main Diable La 
6.Chanterai pour mon Courage 
7.The Limits of Knowledge 
8.Flow my Teares (Live) 
9.Three Folksongs from the County of Csik (Live) 
10.Tales from the Nursery 
11.You must get a Tune First (Live) 
12.Georgie (Live) 
13.Dancing Doll (Live) 
14.The Pretty Ploughboy (Live) 
15.The Black Velvet Band (Live) 
16.Outdoor Polka (Live) 
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1.The Gypsy Piper 
2.Durham Jail 
3.Jamie’s Lament 
4.Hey Up and Away 
5.Cumcleugh Ghyll 
6.The Sound of Deep Waters 
7.The Gypsy Piper 2 
8.The Sound of Deep Waters (Reprise) 
9.The Black Act 
10.Away Boys Away 
11.Fetch The Man Away 
12.The River is Dark 
14.The Ballad of Jamie Allan 
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1.The Jet-Set 
2.Club Taboo 
3.Havana Girl 
4.Special Blend 
6.Touching Velvet 
8.Arm in Arm 
9.The Bicycle of Marcel Duchamp 
10.The Stereo Lounge 
11.Club Class 
12.Hanky Panky 
13.Chavvy Cha-Cha 
14.Costa del Crime 
15.Mister Gimlet 
16.Coming Out 
18.London Blues 
19.Swing Theory 
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2.Chase The Train 
4.When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy 
6.Prophet of God 
7.Matthew’s Song 
8.The Modular 
10.Flying-Mile-High Club Mix 
11.Rising Light 
# Rastrear   Duração
1.The Golden Demon Episode 1 
2.The Golden Demon Episode 2 
3.The Golden Demon Episode 3 
4.The Golden Demon Episode 4 
5.The Golden Demon Episode 5 
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