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The Bardic Collection Volume I

Lucas Quinn 21/11/2020 Download

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Glory Awaits3:06
2.Dungeon Exploring1:46
3.Lost in Time2:38
4.The Wizard Riz2:21
6.Tribe of the Barbarian2:48
7.The New Legends2:50
8.Rise of Knox2:16
9.All In2:31
10.The Chimeran Heroes3:05
12.Druid of the Sea2:22
13.In Love2:37
14.New Dawn3:15
15.The Monk's Flight2:32
16.The Famed Pirate2:24
17.Elizabeth of Barovia2:26
18.The Lurking Vampire2:19
20.Unknown Hero2:46
21.Eye of the Storm2:40
22.The Chult Lands2:30
23.Hero of the Sands2:34
24.Storms of War1:46
25.Their Journey4:14
26.Starry Eyed2:24
28.The Tale of the Sea2:50
29.One Jazzy Devil2:53
30.The Nobleman2:40
31.The French Noble2:28
32.A Fey Romance4:30
33.Genasi in Blue2:22
34.Legend of the Frontier2:11
35.Keep On Running2:46
36.Prince Lagos2:31
38.The Road Ahead2:49
39.Battle of the Dragons3:46
41.Bellona the Bold2:28
42.Hope in Darkness2:56
44.The Peaceful One2:15
45.His Sorrow2:23
46.Mortar the Hunter2:13
47.Magic of the Sage2:31
48.The Ranger and The Bird2:19
49.Karrias' March2:46
50.Ballad of the Six5:24
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