Cast Away / Serendipity

Bootleg (3418120002002)
Filme | Ano: 2007 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Open Logo0:21
Cast Away
2.Cast Away Theme3:33
3.Sleigh Ride2:51
4.The Raft At Sea2:04
5.Song Of The Palms3:03
6.Wilson Is Gone / Memphis Memories3:43
7.Prince Gremin's Aria (Excerpt)2:52
8.Sleepless Night / Cab Drive To Kelly1:37
9.Chuck And Kelly's Farewell3:49
10.Hark, The Herald Angels Sing1:42
11.Chuck's Lament1:43
12.Sleigh Bells2:17
13.Crossroads & End Credits7:26
15.Trailer Music2:34
16.Serendipity Chat2:43
18.Jonathan's Theme2:42
19.Elevator Maze / Sara Is Gone3:33
20.Time Lapse Montage2:54
21.The Bookseller0:58
22.New Bookstore Search0:44
23.Lars' Theme5:06
24.Flight Tickets1:05
25.The Golf Range [Alternate]1:56
26.Mr. Mignon's Painting2:53
27.A Bridal Shop1:23
28.Hotel Lobby2:00
29.Watching Caroline In Lars' House1:39
30.Sara Rushes To The Wedding2:13
31.The Obituary3:10
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