National Geographic Presents: Last Vikings / Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man

TV Series / TV filme | Data de lançamento: 07/06/2005 | Formato: CD
Edição limitada: 1500 cópias

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# Rastrear   Duração
The Last Vikings
1.Opening Fanfare/The Last Vikings/National Geographic Main Title2:22
2.Modern Vikings2:37
3.A Warrior Past3:51
4.Ancient Festival/Monument to the Past1:49
5.Whaling Memories/The Last Expedition/The Whale Catch/The Cost of Whaling6:19
6.Ghosts of the Past0:42
7.Modern Fishermen1:49
8.Family Heritage0:47
9.The Faeroe Islands0:43
11.Shepherds (Revised)1:17
12.Shepherds (Original)1:17
13.Men of the Faeroes1:11
15.The Last Vikings Theme0:43
Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man
16.Prologue/National Geographic Main Title3:50
17.Dr. Lewis Leakey0:59
18.Leakey's Early Years4:17
19.Olduvai Gorge1:58
20.Descending Into the Past0:58
21.Bottom of the Gorge0:39
23.African Wildlife2:32
24.Stalking Lions0:39
25.Uncovering the Past/Historic Discovery/Making Headlines4:49
26.The Face of Ancient Man1:47
27.The Ancient World of Man4:01
29.National Geographic End Credits0:54
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Two scores from National Geographic presentations. 'The Last Vikings' looks at modern descendants of famed warriors along coast of Norway. Ernest Gold offers stirring music with emphasis on brass. Main 'Viking' theme is surging line with complex shifts in harmony underneath. Also find exciting whaling episodes, gentle ideas for fishermen of Dyb, powerful music illustrating fierce Viking history. Ernest Gold conducts. 'Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man' traces famous anthropologist through decades of work at Olduvai Gorge (Africa), culminates in landmark human skull discovery. Leonard Rosenman musically explores vast history, supplies incredibly dramatic score that joins raw, primal world of ancient man with intense, modern sensibility. Leonard Rosenman conducts. Limited to 1500 copies.

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