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The Goonies
Record Store Day 2021 Picture Disc

Varèse Sarabande 12/06/2021 Vinil - 3000 cópias
Filme Lançamento do filme: 1985

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Side A
1.Fratelli Chase 
2.Cellar and Sloth 
3.The Goondocks (Goonies Theme) 
4.The “It,” Fifty Dollar Bills and a Stiff 
5.Pee Break and Kissing Tunnel 
6.Skull and Signature 
8.Restaurant Trash 
9.Boulders, Bats and a Blender 
# Rastrear   Duração
Side B
1.They’re Here and Skull Cave Chase 
2.Playing the bones 
3.Mikey’s Vision 
4.Triple Stones and a Ball 
5.Wishing Well and the Fratellis Find Coin 
6.Mama & Sloth 
7.One Eyed Willie 
8.No Firme and Pirate Ship 
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