X2: X-Men United

La-La Land Records (826924121924)
Filme | Data de lançamento: 19/07/2012 | Lançamento do filme: 2003 | Formato: CD
Edição limitada: 3500 cópias

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare0:22
2.Opening Titles1:07
3.Nightcrawler Attack3:15
4.Alkali Lake2:03
5.Jean’s Hallucination/Something Terrible1:03
8.Sneaky Mystique4:04
9.Meeting Nightcrawler2:20
10.You Remember Him2:32
11.Mansion Attack/Don’t You Remember/Escape7:53
12.Opening Cerebro/Bottom’s Up1:55
13.Jason’s Story/Harmless Kiss3:29
14.Magneto’s Escape1:25
15.What Bobby Can Do/Finding Faith2:51
16.Pyro Attack3:13
17.Xavier Escapes1:26
18.Storm’s Perfect Storm/Missiles2:07
19.Fireside Chat/Flashback/Jean and Logan/You Know What I Want5:02
20.God Among Insects/Where Is Everyone?2:08
21.I’m In4:17
22.It’s Time3:51
# Rastrear   Duração
1.The Children/Something’s Wrong2:36
2.Augmentation Room (Death Strikes Deathstrike)4:45
3.Deathstrike Dies/Magneto’s Old Tricks5:52
4.Wolverine to the Rescue8:10
5.Rogue Earns Wings2:20
6.Goodbye/We’re Here to Stay7:08
7.Evolution Leaps Forward3:09
8.Suite from X-Men 2 (End Credits original version)7:11
9.Evolution Leaps Forward (original version)0:48
10.Suite from X-Men 2 (End Credits film version)9:07
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