Bride Of Re-animator
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Dragon's Domain Records 18/01/2019 Download

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# Rastrear   Duração
2.Maybe His Nerves / War Inside The Tent1:27
3.Main Titles2:55
4.Hill's Head... Dead' / Room With Parts / West Steals Feet2:26
5.West Hits It On The Head / Driving To The House1:16
6.Finger / Eye Ball Experiment0:41
7.West Convinces Dan3:09
8.Inspector Comes1:57
9.Bat Sequence1:47
10.West & Dan Get Body2:06
11."Don't You Ever... Do That Again"1:33
12.Francesca With Inspector / Inspector Tells His Story1:52
13.Inspector Drives Up0:21
14.Love Scene-To West / West's Limb Experiment / Sex Scene / West with Inspector / Inspector In Lab4:34
15."Well, We Could..."4:27
16.West's Idea About The Dog / Dog Handshake2:17
17.Dan Screams0:43
18.West's Devilishness0:29
19.Hill's Hypnotism0:28
20."I'll Get The Head"0:52
21.West Convinces Dan (Again)3:29
22.Hill With Inspector1:05
23.Inspector Grabs Francesca0:28
24.Building The Bride / Dr. Hill Goes Batty / The Bride Lives8:07
25.End Sequence: West Looks For Head / Reveal The Bride / West's Justification / Dan Turns Away From Bride / Dead Heads Come To Kill9:08
26.The Freak Show Behind The Wall / The End of Herbert West' / End Titles7:54
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