For The King

Materia Collective 19/04/2018 Download

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.For The King2:37
2.The Queen's Mission0:54
3.The Guardian Forest3:20
4.The Glittering Mines1:06
5.A Dervish of a SkirmishJohn Robert Matz featuring Christopher Garden4:12
6.The Golden Plains3:29
7.The King's Maze1:51
8.Chaos Gathers1:17
9.The Burning Forest2:40
10.The Mage Dungeon1:37
11.The Noble Sea2:02
12.Temple of the Kraken1:48
13.A Clash with Chaos4:00
14.The Parched Waste2:17
15.The Buried Temple0:47
16.The Poison Bog2:33
17.The Flooded Crypt1:24
19.The Dropstone Badlands1:53
20.In Volcanic Caverns1:07
21.The Jungle Falls2:19
22.Jungle Temple1:17
23.The Frozen North3:29
24.Snow Cave2:43
25.The Tower Harazuel1:44
26.Combat Most Dire3:59
28.Enshrined in Glory1:03
29.Fahrul Calls (Early Access Launch Trailer)1:16
30.Welcome to Fahrul (Launch Trailer)1:06
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