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First Men in the Moon

Cloud Nine Records (5014929701523)
Filme | Ano: 1991 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear   Duração
2.Modern Moon Landing1:53
3.Newscasters / Union Jack / Journey To Dymchurch2:02
4.Cherry Cottage / Kate And Bedford3:08
6.Cavor's Experiments4:45
7.The Sphere1:14
8.Love Theme2:41
9.To The Moon!2:22
10.Lunar Landing / Moonscape / Weightlessness / Planting The Union Jack1:33
11.Lens Pit / Shadows1:56
12.Battle With The Selenites2:15
13.Search For The Sphere / Kate In Peril3:52
14.The Moon Beast4:20
15.Lens Complex / Dismantling The Sphere / Cocooning Selenites / The Eclipse3:05
16.End Of The Eclipse / The Grand Lunar3:41
17.Bedford Shoots At The Grand Lunar1:28
18.Pursuit And Escape From The Moon / End Title2:06
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