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Happy Valley

BBC 01/12/2017 CD
BBC 01/12/2017 Download
TV Series / TV filme Lançamento do filme: 2014

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1.Previously on Happy Valley 
2.Catherine's Sorrow 
3.Kevin's Descent 
4.Tommy Lee Royce 
5.Tommy and His Son Ryan 
6.Tragedy in the Valley 
7.Catherine's Theme 
8.Back in the Valley 
9.Drugging John/Miss Wheland 
11.There'll Be Two Funerals 
12.Tommy On Day Release 
13.You Shouldn't Have Done It 
14.Catherine's Inner Strength 
15.End of the Road For John 
16.Remembering Becky 
17.Ryan's Choice 
18.I Love You 
19.Catherine vs Frances 
20.John Falls Further 
21.Ryan Posts the Letter 
22.Grooming Ryan 
26.John Found Out 
27.John On the Run 
29.A Father's Son 
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