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Filme | Ano: 2012 | Lançamento do filme: 2012 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Little Birthday Girl0:59
2.Your own Bow1:37
3.Fate and Destiny1:41
4.Elinor's Court1:24
5.Secret Cakes0:28
6.Clans Have Accepted0:53
7.Four Sons' Tale1:01
9.Clans Arrive0:54
10.Remember To Smile1:07
12.The Suitors1:35
14.Brawl Some More0:48
15.The Games1:55
16.Archery Competition1:04
17.I Am Merida1:33
18.Merida Rides3:01
19.Why Here?0:18
20.Witch's Cottage4:26
21.Tray For Mum0:36
22.Bear Transformation2:38
24.Castle Bear Hunt2:37
25.Through The Castle1:19
26.Locked Out1:34
27.Mum Waddles Off0:51
28.Mend The Bond2:13
29.What To Do1:09
30.Noble Maiden Fair (Instrumental version)1:52
31.Breakfast Courtly Music0:58
32.Hungry Mum0:53
33.Mum Goes Wild1:26
34.Mor'Du Attack4:24
35.This Means War1:43
36.Legends Are Lessons1:33
37.In Her Heart2:41
38.Bear Discovered3:39
39.Get The Key1:41
40.To The Rescue2:00
41.Bear Fight1:56
42.All My Fault (Instrumental Version)2:51
43.We've Both Changed1:05
44.Brave Trailer Theme1:32
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