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Trail of the Pink Panther

Filme | Data de lançamento: 22/03/2011 | Lançamento do filme: 1982 | Formato: CD
Edição limitada: 1200 cópias

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Main Title5:00
2.The Easy Life In Paris – Long Version2:54
3.Salute To Balls3:16
4.The Bagman2:18
5.Scotland Yard0:28
6.In A Mist2:14
7.The Message1:33
8.One On One1:20
9.The Easy Life In Paris No. 11:28
10.Bruno's Tune1:17
11.TV News Theme0:22
12.Break In1:48
13.Son Of One On One1:04
14.The Easy Life In Paris No. 21:33
15.Bruno's Theme2:33
16.Swine Rabbit1:26
17.Family History2:03
18.German Invasion1:26
19.The End Of Clouseau?0:54
20.End Credits4:27
The Extras
21.Strum Chord0:15
23.Martha: M'Appari Tutt'Amor(Friedrich Von Flotow/Arranged by Henry Mancini)3:19
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At last! World premiere release of complete Henry Mancini soundtrack for seventh Pink Panther film (and last with Peter Sellers via outtakes), directed by Blake Edwards. Film builds plot around reporter doing story on Inspector Clouseau, incorporates cameos by many actors from earlier movies with previously unseen bits by Sellers. Henry Mancini writes full score for movie with brand new update of iconic main theme plus several all new melodies, action cues, funny ideas. Fights with Burt Kwouk, beautiful theme for Paris, rich baritone horn tune for Bruno are wonderful highlights. Interestingly, when film appears in 1982, Liberty label issues just two specially recorded tracks from film on soundtrack album which otherwise is mere compilation of previously available material - literally a 'Pink Panther's Greatest Hits' album rather than actual TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER soundtrack. Now, Intrada addresses missed opportunity by gaining access to actual 2' 24-track soundtrack scoring session masters stored in mint condition in MGM vaults. This allows us to create brand new stereo mixes of every cue, producing first ever true soundtrack. Mancini at his melodious best! Notes by Dan Schweiger plus wonderful classic sixties-style artwork highlighting elegant booklet design by Joe Sikoryak are compliments to tuneful package. Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!

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