Trunk Records (5060033500224)
TV Series / TV filme | Data de lançamento: 22/10/2001 | Formato: CD, Download

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Intro and dialogue3:33
2.The Start Of "Music"4:30
3.From "Visiting friends"0:36
4.Clangers Running Around the Planet0:18
5.From "Fishing"1:38
6.From "Treasure"0:16
7.Useful Musical Sequences2:29
8.From "Goods"1:41
9.An End Title0:33
10.Tiny Clanger's Radio Hat0:07
11.Oliver's Special Effects0:23
12.From "The Rock Collector"0:57
13.From "Glowhoney"2:37
14.From "Teapot"21:
15.From "Cloud"0:39
16.From "The Seed"3:17
17.From "The Bags"2:47
18.From "Blow fruit"3:19
19.From "The Pipe Organ"0:31
20.From "The Music Of The Spheres"3:19
21.A Short Silent Interval0:20
22.A Clangers Opera11:34
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The enchanting world of the Clangers conjured much of its magic from the music that accompanied the series. The music was initially 'drawn' by series creator Oliver Postgate and then turned into compositions by Vernon Elliot. It has been extremely well remastered here, and is, quite simply, lovely--it would make wonderful bedtime listening for tots. Separated from the pictures, it is possible to appreciate the music for itself, with its Debussian strains and gentle harp and flute exchanges. As the series progressed we can see the music's development into more complex pieces. Particularly beautiful are tracks 13 (from 'Glowhoney') and 17 (from 'The Bags'). Other favourites are tracks 10--'Tiny Clanger's radio hat' and 21--'A short silent interval'. In addition, Oliver Postgate has compiled one act of A Clangers Opera, with singing from the little guys themselves and guest appearances from the Iron Chicken and the Soup Dragon. The story is the legendary episode of the the Iron Chicken and the Music Trees and is vocally well served by all the cast--Tiny Clanger displays particularly effortless coloratura--and is ably supported by Vernon Elliot in the pit.

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