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Dinotopia : Complete Original TV Score Episode I

TV Series / TV filme | Ano: 2002 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Dinotopia Theme I3:28
2.Dinotopia Theme II3:40
3.Main Title1:58
4.Flying The PlaneThe Crash4:35
5.The Long Trek1:51
7.Bad Tooth0:38
8.Alone At Night2:06
9.The Brach-Bus3:14
10.Following The T-Rex3:31
11.Night Noise3:18
12.T-Rex Attack3:17
13.Waterfall City4:03
14.Waterfall City (Alternate)4:04
16.Welcome To Dinotopia2:41
17.Zippo's House1:33
19.the Light Stone2:38
20.School And Rules4:50
# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Marion & DavidPing Pong1:32
2.Steps & The Power Stone2:27
3.Zippo's Music1:18
4.Brothers Disagreement1:17
5.A Strange Discussion3:03
7.Stealing The Key0:58
8.Teh Ceremony3:07
9.The Ceremony Begins0:20
10.The CEremony (Alternate)2:54
11.The Ceremony Begins (Alternate)0:09
12.The ExamThe Archive Is Lost2:37
13.Can't Trust DAvid Anymore1:50
14.The Exam REsultBrother's fight2:29
15.Marion Is Worried1:16
16.The SearchThe Bridge3:42
17.Remembering Dad1:00
18.Marion & Zippo Arrived2:58
19.The Lost Temple1:47
20.End Titles1:06
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