The Film Music Of Joe Harnell

Filme TV Series / TV filme | Ano: 1992 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.United Artists Logo Theme0:28
2.Main Title / End Credits1:43
3.Jamie's Theme and Suite6:43
4.Suite from "Deadly RingersPart 2"3:38
5.Suite from "Once A Thief"3:30
6.Suite from "Doomsday Is TomorowPart 2"5:50
7.Suite from "Sister Jamie"7:43
8.Suite from "Kill OscarPart 3"9:11
9.Return Of Big FootPart2"1:55
10.Main Title1:14
14.Suite from "PrometheusPart 2"5:19
15.Suite from "Goodbye, Eddy Cain"8:32
16.Suite from "Homecoming"3:54
17.Suite no.2 from "PrometheusPart 2"3:54
18.Suite from "Married"3:14
19.Pilot* / Married**3:18
# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.United Artists Logo ThemeAlternate Version0:29
2.Main Title1:21
3.Jim And Kate's Love Theme1:41
4.Breakout / Shaw In Hot Pursuit3:36
5.The Joy Of Birth0:57
6.Finale / End Credits1:23
7.Suite from "Curse Of Dracula"12:09
8.Main Title* / Handing Out / Stealing The Truck4:06
9.She Belongs Here!2:02
10.Domestic Slag1:02
11.Tag Scene / End Title*2:08
12.Opening CreditsPart 23:19
13."It's Opening" / "Good Luck"3:24
14."Just William" / "Lizard Love"2:59
15.ShutleBuddies / Mealtime / Lizar Westling4:24
16.The Resistance1:54
17.Ben's Fatal Flight2:13
18.Go Tell Your Friend1:15
19.The Trap / Tony And Donovan Captured4:37
20.Abraham's Music / Abraham's Letter3:11
21.Escape From The Mothership / Air Chase / Donovan's Luck8:52
22.The Wounded Fall / Julie's Stand / Donovan To The Rescue2:57
23.Kathleen's Death2:51
24."The War Is Just Beginning!" / End Title: "Gloria, Victoria!"*1:34
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