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8 Classic Albums - Henry Mancini

Filme TV Series / TV filme | Data de lançamento: 11/02/2014 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Peter Gunn 
2.Sorta blues 
3.The brothers go to mother's 
5.Session at Pete's pad 
6.Soft sounds 
8.The floater 
9.Slow & easy 
10.A profound gass 
11.Brief & breezy 
12.Not from Dixie 
13.Mr. Lucky 
14.My friend Andamo 
16.March of the cue balls 
17.Lightly latin 
19.Floating pad 
20.One eyed cat 
21.Night flower 
22.Chime time 
23.Blue satin 
24.That's it & that's all 
# Rastrear   Duração
1.High time 
2.Moon talk 
3.So neat 
4.The old college try cha cha 
5.The nutty professor 
6.Frish frosh 
7.The second time around 
8.A mild blast 
9.Harv's blues 
10.New blood 
11.The dean speaks 
13.The blues 
14.Smoke rings 
16.Blue flame 
17.After hours 
18.Mood indigo 
19.The beat 
20.Big noise from Winnetka 
21.Alright, okay, you win 
22.Tippin' in 
23.How could you do a thing like that to me 
24.Sing, sing, sing 
# Rastrear   Duração
1.Mr. Lucky (goes latin) 
4.Rain drops in Rio 
6.The dancing cat 
7.Cow bells & coffee beans 
8.The sound of silver 
9.Tango americano 
10.No-cal sugar loaf 
11.Blue mantilla 
12.Speedy Gonzales 
13.Moon river 
14.Something for cat 
15.Sally's tomato 
16.Mr. Yunioshi 
17.The big blow out 
18.Hub caps & tail lights 
19.Breakfast at Tiffany's 
20.Latin Golightly 
22.Loose caboose 
23.The big heist 
24.Moon river cha cha 
# Rastrear   Duração
1.Flutters ball 
2.Tooty twist 
3.Kelly's tune 
4.Golden gate twist 
5.The good old days 
6.Experiment in terror (Twist) 
7.Experiment in terror 
9.Down by the wharf 
10.Teen-age hostage 
11.White on white 
12.Final out at Candlestick Park 
13.Theme from "Hatari" 
14.Baby elephant walk 
15.Just for tonight 
16.Your father's feathers 
17.Night side 
18.Big band Bwana 
19.The sounds of Hatari 
20.The soft touch 
21.Crocodile, go home 
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EIGHT CLASSIC ALBUMS ON A 4CD BOX SET, DIGITALLY REMASTERED, EXCELLENT PRICE INCLUDES THE ALBUMS: Peter Gunn, Mr Lucky, High time, The blues and the beat, Mr Lucky goes Latin, Breackfast at Tiffanys, Experiment in terror and Hatari

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