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50 Years Of The Music of Laurie Johnson Vol. 1 : The Avengers

Edsel Records (740155201739)
Filme TV Series / TV filme Musical Ativo | Data de lançamento: 22/10/2007 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
The Avengers Original Soundtrack Recordings
1.The Avengers Theme (Main Titles Music)1:01
2.Dead Man's Treasure (Treasure Hunt)1:22
3.Escape In Time (Episode Title Music)2:19
4.What The Butler Saw (March Of The Butlers)3:09
5.Honey For The Prince (Fantasy Dance)1:18
6.Invasion Of The Earth Men (Section A)2:19
7.Invasion Of The Earth Men (Section B)2:29
8.Joker (Gramophone Record)3:26
9.Joker (Episode Title Music)0:55
10.Return Of The Cybernauts (Episode Title Music)1:38
11.Quick Quick Slow Death (Section AFoxtrot)1:08
12.Quick Quick Slow Death (Sectiob BWaltz)5:29
13.A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Station (Episode Title Music)2:17
14.The Superlative Seven (Section A)0:49
15.The Superlative Seven (Section B)2:52
16.The Superlative Seven (Section C)3:37
17.The Superlative Seven (Section D)2:14
18.Murdersville (Section A)2:19
19.Murdersville (Section B)0:49
20.Murdersville (Section C)2:04
21.Mission Highly Improbable (Section A)1:24
22.Mission Highly Improbable (Section B)2:49
23.From Venus With Love (Section A)2:12
24.From Venus With Love (Section B)2:26
25.From Venus With Love (Section C)1:37
26.The See-Through Man (Section A)1:09
27.The See-Through Man (Section B)1:03
28.The See-Through Man (Section C)1:12
29.The See-Through Man (Section D)1:12
30.The See-Through Man (Section E)2:25
31.Hidden Tiger (Section A)1:42
32.Hidden Tiger (Section B)3:22
33.The Living Dead (Episode Title Music)3:22
34.Tag Scene1:29
35.The Avengers Theme (End Titles Music)1:10
# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
Television Themes
1.This Is Your Life2:27
2.The New Avengers2:18
3.Animal Magic2:23
4.The Professionals1:58
5.Riviera Police2:13
6.When The Kissing Had To Stop2:13
7.Whicker's World2:33
8.World In Action2:53
10.Pick Yourself Up2:48
11.Fascinating Rhythm2:42
Film Themes
13.First Men In The Moon2:01
14.Tiger Bay2:10
15.Dr. Strangelove2:33
16.Hot Millions2:12
18.The Beauty Jungle2:18
Concert Hall Work
19.Symphony (Synthesis). First MovementPrelude6:51
20.Symphony (Synthesis). Second MovementCon Moto4:05
21.Symphony (Synthesis). Third MovementAdagio6:52
22.Symphony (Synthesis). Fourth MovementAllegro5:51
23.Symphony (Synthesis). Fifth MovementFinale7:19
# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
Royal Military Spectacular
1.Fanfare For HRH Prince Of Wales: Falklands Salute (F25 March)7:11
2.Royal Tour Suite 1st MovementFanfare Overture1:40
3.Royal Tour Suite 2nd MovementGreensleeves4:16
4.Royal Tour Suite 3rd MovementSalute To America4:39
6.To The Few 1st MovementScramble2:51
7.To The Few 2nd MovementJuke Box3:59
8.To The Few 3rd MovementFly Past4:25
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