Distant Thunder

Filme | Data de lançamento: 17/02/2014 | Lançamento do filme: 1988 | Formato: CD
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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Main Title2:12
2.Mark in Pond1:20
3.Louis Walks the Track1:23
4.Louis Kisses the Train1:10
5.Mark Leaves Mountains–Insert0:39
6.Char Meets Mark0:53
7.It’s a Deal1:08
8.Mark in the Park/Jack Gets Letter2:51
10.Mark Leaves Town1:40
11.Headlines/To the Mountains (revised)/The Forest at Night4:51
12.Larry and Jack (After Shooting)/ Mark and Jack Meet (revised)2:10
13.Mark and Jack Meet (original version)2:34
14.Larry Consoles Mark1:02
15.Remember Billy1:58
16.No Trespassing1:57
17.Looking for Nitz1:11
18.Down the Hill1:40
19.You’re a Real Amigo7:26
20.Mark in Hospital/It’s Not Your Fault1:40
21.After the Train Has Passed (revised)/Mark and Jack Reunion5:14
The Extras
22.To the Mountains (original version)3:15
23.After the Train Has Passed (original version)/Mark and Jack Reunion4:14
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World premiere release of complex original soundtrack by Maurice Jarre for Rick Rosenthal 1988 Vietnam picture with John Lithgow, Ralph Maccio. Jarre creates electronic soundscape for 4 - 6 players, draws inspiration via forest locale, sounds that nature might suggest. Music is sometimes subtle, effective, other times intense, dramatic. Melody plays role but takes back seat to subtle strands of sound sharing with thick, aggressive layers of violence. Lukas Kendall supervises entire production, digitally mixed & mastered from 1' eight channel stereo masters vaulted in pristine condition courtesy Paramount Pictures. Maurice Jarre leads electonic ensemble.

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