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24: Season 6

TV Series / TV filme Lançamento do filme: 2007

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1.America is Attacked:1:36
2.President Palmer's Decision:3:01
3.'Jack is our Only Option':6:59
4.For America to Survive, Jack Bauer must Die:5:50 Die for Nothing:2:11
6.Neighbours Problems:2:53
7.Redirecting the Satellite:5:03
9.Launching the Assault:1:35
10.Jack's Bite:2:30
11.Sewer Escape:1:08
12.'We're Going after the Wrong Man':3:55
13.Locating Assad:4:05
14.Missile at Asad's:1:14
16.Fayed's Arrival:3:04
17.Curtis Disagreement:5:12
18.'It's Achmed':4:17
19.Bomb in the Subway:5:03
20.Buchanan's Fear:3:17
21.In Pursuit of the Handler:4:30
22.Jack hits the Car:5:20
23.Achmed Custodies the Family:3:14
24.Curtis and Jack Talks:2:35
25.'Oh, Grow Up Morris!':0:52
26.Fayed Orders:1:31
27.Assad Detained:4:15
28.Ray looking for the Detonator:3:55
29.Loading the Prisoners:2:25
30.Numair's Escape:6:19
31.Jack Returns:4:31
33.Hostage Situation:1:50
35.'All Teams, Go!':4:46
37.This is It:2:22
39.'I can't do this Anymore':2:58
40.Jack Puts Down Curtis:4:48
41.Wayne to the Bunker:2:30
42.Panic in Valencia:5:08
43.'Not After this...':1:05
44.Jack Accepting the Mission:4:01
45.Assad and Buchanan:4:34
46.Walid's Infiltration:5:42
47.Brother Graem:1:54
48.'Where's Dad?':2:55
49.McCathey's Greed:3:00
50.Assad wants the Peace:4:10
51.Menace to the Brother:3:52
52.Graem Suffers:1:37
53.Tom Lennox:4:10
54.Following the Bauer's Lead:3:50
55.Simple Minds:2:32
56.Darren Stress:1:54
57.Tom's Obstacles:5:50
58.Nadia's Problems:1:09
59.Karen's Resignation:3:40
60.the Discover of Walid:5:54
61.Meeting with Philip:2:46
62.Graem's Betrayal:4:57
63.Tom Convinces Wayne:4:11
64.Breaking Free:4:01
65.Assault at Graem's:2:57
66.False Briefing from the Hospital:3:56
67.Sibling Rivalry:2:39
68.Everything Unmasked:4:41
69.Ashamed Feeling:5:09
70.the Bauer's Conspiracy:4:58
71.Morris Captured:5:49
72.Father Kills Son:3:33
73.Chopper Pursuit:9:26
74.McCarthy Dies:2:46
75.Graem's Family:2:45
76.Morris Delivered:2:12
77.Thinking Clearly:1:25
78.Assad in the White House:2:38
79.Tortured Morris:4:30
80.'the Climate could Change...':5:33
81.Storming the Apartment:1:53
82.Bomb goes Off:2:11
83.Lennox changes his Mind:2:31
84.Fayed Calls Gredenko:3:11
85.Jack's Back at CTU:5:08
86.'I Lost Control':4:06
87.Simply Human Nature:1:59
88.Complot against Palmer:3:44
89.the Leads of Marilyn:6:32
90.Philip Menace:4:15
91.Russian Plan:0:57
92.Escaping 9407 Hindry Place:4:45
93.Milo and Marilyn Pursuit:5:28
94.Next Move:0:46
95.Milo's Bravery:2:15
96.Tricky Call:4:07
97.the Blame of Morris:6:11
98.Lennox Regrets:3:13
99.Alcoholic Victory:1:58
100.Arriving at the Hotel:2:53
101.'Come Alone':1:43
102.Saving Josh:6:38
103.Ex-President's Call:1:53
104.New Leads:3:55
105.White House Infiltrator:3:43
106.Chloe versus Morris:2:21
107.Enemies of the Past:3:03
108.a Pardon Expected:2:30
109.Russians in the Desert:3:46
110.Charles Logan Reformation:4:09
111.Chloe's Obsession:4:54
112.Setting the Bomb:3:52
113.Reed Activates the Trap:2:09
114.Wayne's Alive:1:21
115.'Voice of your Deepest Self':3:37
116.Guilty Conscience:4:14
117.Transfer of Power:1:57
118.Jack in the Russian Consul:5:33
119.True Involvement:2:36
120.Noah's Deal:2:30
121.Markov tells the Location:2:56
122.Problems in the Consul:1:55
123.Jack Arrested:4:02
124.Betrayal at the Consul:4:54
125.Charles Logan at CTU:1:09
126.Introducing Mike Doyle:5:09
127.Charles helps Buchanan:3:56
128.Noah Confronts Lennox:2:45
129.Arrival of Bombs:1:45
130.the Happy Couple:3:56
131.Russian Hostages:2:18
132.Martha's Help:3:52
133.'I had an Understanding with your President':3:05
134.Logan's Knife:3:22
135.Assault at the Consul:5:20
136.Hastery Launch:2:49
137.'I Warned them':5:12
138.No Signal:1:28
139.Audrey is Dead:1:43
142.Acceptable Losses:3:22
143.Interests of the President:2:04
144.Nadia's Captured:3:28
145.a Fighter President:3:28
146.'Finish this':3:18
147.Controlling the Drone:7:18
148.Fayed versus Gredenko:3:31
149.Hauser's Home:3:58
150.Interrogating Brady:4:31
151.Tough Karen's Petition:2:32
152.On Loan:2:34
153.Freedom of Nadia:4:50
154.Far from Over:3:45
155.Brady Hauser's Scene:5:49
156.Wayne Returns to the Life:5:45
157.Amendment Briefing:2:37
158.Meeting for the Control:3:43
159.Doyle Saves Milo:5:04
160.Invalid Votes:1:13
161.Controlled Gredenko:5:40
162.'the End Justifies the Means':5:27
163.Chasing the Blood Trails:5:55
164.Fayed's Trapped:3:56
165.a Shock Decision:2:06
166.Wayne's Bluff:5:11
167.Chasing Fayed:3:04
168.Will of God:3:12
169.Change of Heart:2:16
170.the Trap for Fayed:4:25
171.New Plans:1:25
173.Jack and Doyle:2:48
174.General Habib:2:53
175.Bait Failed:5:03
176.Medical Advice:1:09
177.Fayed's Death:5:53
178.Ghost from the Past:0:48
179.Audrey Stills Alive:3:45
180.Good News:1:10
181.International Situation:2:06
182.Presidential Blackmail:3:37
183.Jack in his Own:5:25
184.'You Owe me that':4:43
185.Extraction Plan:1:19
186.a Resignation Letter:3:23
187.Wayne's Collapse:3:01
188.Noah in Charge:2:00
189.Jack against the Orders:5:05
190.Rogue Agent:3:04
191.Doyle's Pursuit:4:06
192.the Fall of Guilty:7:10
193.Lennox with Noah:3:37
194.Wired to Blow:2:09
196.Near the 305:1:31
197.Bill's Departure:3:08
198.Setting Up:1:59
199.Cheng's Escape:4:14
201.Securing the Area:4:41
202.Leak in the White House:3:49
203.Chinese Fury:1:28
204.'We're Done Chloe':2:59
206.Custody at CTU:2:30
207.Russian Threat:3:55
208.Doyle's Good Act:3:31
211.'You are Cursed Jack':6:51
212.Denial Petition:1:43
213.Chinese Attack Plans:4:05
214.Josh at CTU:4:38
215.To Bloomfield:4:40
216.Lisa Miller's Tension3:47
218.Code Red:4:18
219.Back in Action:0:29
220.Milo's Death:2:05
221.the Raid at CTU:6:37
222.Architect of the Plan:1:01
223.Securing the Hostages:4:55
224.Rescuing Josh:6:12
225.a Question of Judgement:4:51
226.Philip and Cheng:4:41
227.'Uncle Jack Saved me':3:04
228.Russian Spy:2:33
229.Suvarov's Threat:3:53
230.a Sociopath:4:45
231.Flying by Ocean Waves:1:28
232.a Complicated Relationship:3:44
233.Karen's Petition:2:02
234.Arrival at the Pier:4:03
235.Car Accident:3:18
236.Buchanan's Back:3:20
237.Milo's Brother:1:19
238.Karen under Arrest:1:12
240.the Trap against Doyle:6:32
241.Retirement Plan:2:39
242.Chloe's Dismay:2:41
243.Father's Legacy:1:35
244.Battling for America:5:01
245.Political Point of View:3:43
246.Bill's Help:2:56
247.Assault at the Plattform:6:29
248.Philip's Death:3:36
249.Clear to Engage:2:04
250.Resurging from the Waves:1:38
251.Lost at Sea:3:28
252.White House Pardons:4:33
253.CTU's Events:6:24
254.Jack in a Crossroad:7:53
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