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Star Trek
The Cage & Where No Man Has Gone Before - Picture Disc

TV Series / TV filme | Ano: 1986 | Formato: Vinil

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# Rastrear   Duração
The Cage
1.Star Trek Main Title0:53
2.Doctor Bartender1:20
4.Prime Specimen3:13
7.Monster Illusion1:16
8.Monster Fight1:37
9.The Kibitzers0:42
10.Vena's Punishment1:49
11.Pike's Punishment0:38
13.True Love1:22
14.Vena's Dance1:53
15.Torchy Girl0:15
16.Under the Spell0:29
17.Primitive Thoughts0:28
18.Wrong Think0:43
19.To Catch a T1:23
20.Going Up1:10
21.Max's Factor2:07
22.Star Trek Theme (End Title)1:31
Where No Man Has Gone Before
23.Star Trek Main Title0:16
24.Star Date0:37
25.Episode Titles1:21
26.Force Field2:23
27.Silvery Orbs1:52
28.Crippled Ship0:58
29.Speedy Reader0:50
30.Hit the Button0:07
31.On Delta Vega0:41
32.When Your Eyes Have Turned to Silver1:02
33.Instant Paradise2:53
34.End Title and Credits0:24
35.Additional Credits0:21
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