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The Woman King
(Digital) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Milan Records 16/09/2022 Download

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Dahomey at a Crossroads1:28
2.Enemy Village2:35
3.Stronger Warriors0:46
4.Road to Abomey2:01
5.Agojie Return1:37
6.Entering Palace1:15
7.Oyo Warriors to the Village1:05
8.The King’s Entrance0:37
9.You are Called to Join the King’s Guard2:04
10.Tribute to the KingSouth African Choir0:51
11.Agojie Training Montage2:06
12.Nawi and Izogie (Part 1)0:54
13.Nawi Trains Alone0:40
14.The Oyo Arrive1:54
15.Sometimes a Mouse Can Take Down an Elephant1:23
16.Choosing Agojie for the Oyo1:40
17.Malik Arrives1:18
18.We Bring Tribute2:59
19.With One Purpose1:20
20.Palm Oil1:30
21.Through the Jungle1:23
22.Malik and Santo Enter Abomey0:41
23.Final Test2:27
24.To the Vector1:16
25.To Be Great You Must Focus1:52
26.A Shark’s Tooth2:57
27.Agojie It’s WarJabu Chirindah & South African Choir2:09
28.Nawi Learns the Truth0:50
29.The Blade of Freedom0:38
30.Oyo Battle7:17
31.You Fought Well2:57
32.Nawi and Izogie (Part 2)3:22
33.I Have to Try to Save Her2:02
34.There Will Be No Prisoners1:46
35.Blood of Our SistersNokukhanya Dlamini & South African Choir1:02
36.The Final Battle5:28
37.Nawi and Malik1:00
39.Whiskey for Izogie2:47
40.Mother Will You Dance1:28
41.The Woman King2:47
42.Traditional Benin SongSheila Atim, Lashana Lynch & Adrienne Warren0:36
43.Keep Rising (The Woman King) (feat. Angélique Kidjo)Jessy Wilson3:14
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