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The End of Medicine
(Digital) Original Score

Lost Tribe Sound 23/09/2022 Download

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1.Much Closer to Home1:31
2.A Threat Emerges4:25
3.From the Dust We Breathe5:07
4.We Look at What’s Passed0:55
5.Acting as a Crucible1:44
6.A Signal and an Oath2:40
7.Buried in Waves1:36
8.As Soon As I Could Speak1:49
10.The Question of Resistance4:22
11.Slowly Moving to Conclusion0:49
12.The Acknowledgment of Disguise2:58
13.That Feeling That Nothing Was Ever Going to Change2:18
14.In Everyone We Overlook2:23
15.Above a Clearing4:24
16.Carrying Redemption4:49
17.We Go Upstream2:07
18.Emptied at River’s Mouth2:15
19.With No End in Sight0:55
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