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Interview Brian Tyler

25 minutos, Língua: Inglês

Gravado por Tim Horemans em 2011-11-13

Brian Tyler is a composer of over 50 films and was recently nominated for 'Film Composer of the Year' by the International Film Music Critics Association. He composed and conducted the scores for 'Eagle Eye“ for producer Steven Spielberg, the box office hits “Fast Five” and “Fast and Furious,” 'The Expendables' and 'Rambo' directed by Sylvester Stallone, 'Law Abiding Citizen' starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, the Keanu Reeves thriller “Constantine,” the epic science fiction film 'Battle: Los Angeles.' Recently Brian Tyler has written music for videogames such as Lego Universe, Need for Speed:The Run and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Interview Brian Tyler

Esta entrevista de áudio está sendo reeditada, desculpe o inconveniente.
35 minutos, Língua: Inglês
Gravado por Tim Horemans em 2010-08-05

Born in Los Angeles, California, film composer, multi-instrumentalist, and conductor Brian Tyler began writing music at a very early age. Tyler completed his Bachelor’s degree at UCLA and his Master’s at Harvard University. In 2002, Tyler’s score for the film Fitzgerald received an Emmy nomination. Additionally, Tyler has also been awarded multiple ASCAP awards. He has written music for films such as Eagle Eye, Bangkok Dangerous, Fast and The Furious 3 and 4, Dragonball Evolution, The Killing Room, and Rambo 4. Brian Tyler recently completed the score for the new Sylvester Stallone film, The Expendables, and he is assigned to write the score for Battle: Los Angeles and for 3 videogames, Lego Universe, Far Cry and True Crime.

Interview Brian Tyler

30 minutos, Língua: Inglês

Gravado por Tim Horemans em 2008-09-16

Composer Brian Tyler recently scored 2 action movies, Bangkok Dangerous and Eagle Eye. We called Brian Tyler and spoke with him about these 2 films and about some upcoming ones.

Interview Brian Tyler

28 minutos, Língua: Inglês

Gravado por Tim Horemans em 2008-01-22 spoke with Hollywood composer Brian Tyler about his scores for Timeline, Frialty, Constantine, Alien vs Predator Requiem and Rambo4