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Entrevista com Elliot Goldenthal

Esta entrevista de áudio está sendo reeditada, desculpe o inconveniente.
28 minutos, Língua: Inglês
Gravado por Tim Horemans em 2010-10-24

Goldenthal was born on May 2, 1954, in Brooklyn, New York City, where he was influenced from an early age by music from all cultures and genres. He lived in a multi-cultural part of town, and this is reflected in his works. He then studied music full time at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, where he studied with composer John Corigliano (whom he greatly admired), to earn his Bachelor of Music degree (1977) and Master of Music (1979) in musical composition. As a composer of filmmusic Goldenthal has worked with famous directors such as Gus Van Sant, Michael Mann, David Fincher, Julie Taymor and Neil Jordan. He has composed music for films such as Interview with A Vampire, Michael Collins, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, A Time to Kill,Frida, Sphere, Alien 3, Titus and Public Enemies. His latest score is The Tempest for director and his partner Julie Taymor.