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Expanded Edition

La-La Land Records 14/09/2021 CD - 5000 kopie
Film Uwolnienie filmu: 1989

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# Tor   Czas
Score Presentation
1.A Call To Arms3:16
2.After Antietam (Film Version)2:28
3.Flashback :440:44
4.Forming The Regiment (Film Version)3:43
5.Jefferson & Liberty (Full Version)2:01
6.The Decision / Second Flashback2:34
7.Lonely Christmas1:56
8.The Whipping2:12
9.New Shoes1:16
10.Worth A Life1:27
11.The Year Of Jubilee (Film Version)2:28
12.Burning The Town Of Darien2:34
13.Our Time1:52
14.The Battle Of Grimball’s Landing3:17
15.Promise Me / What Do You Want Of Us?1:40
16.Brave Words And Deeds3:11
17.Preparations For Battle (Film Version)7:40
18.Charging Fort Wagner2:54
19.An Epitaph To War (Film Version)2:35
20.Closing Credits (Film Mix)6:51
Source Music
21.Drei Klavierstücke, DV.9462:30
22.Jefferson & Liberty1:00
23.Old 18121:14
24.Jefferson & Liberty (Film Mix)1:23
25.Hoist The Flag2:18
26.The Sicilian Circle1:52
27.The Bonnie Blue Flag1:17
# Tor   Czas
Original Soundtrack Album
1.A Call To Arms3:10
2.After Antietam2:40
3.Lonely Christmas1:55
4.Forming The Regiment5:27
5.The Whipping2:09
6.Burning The Town Of Darien2:31
7.Brave Words, Braver Deeds3:10
8.The Year Of Jubilee2:26
9.Preparations For Battle7:35
10.Charging Fort Wagner2:53
11.An Epitaph To War2:35
12.Closing Credits6:52
Additional Music
13.A Call To Arms (With Wild Opening)3:29
14.Worth A Life (Alternate No. 1)1:25
15.Flashback (Alternate No. 2)0:43
16.Worth A Life (Alternate No. 2)1:23
17.Charging Fort Wagner (Alternate)2:55
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