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The Hunchback of the Notre Dame
The Legacy Collection: The Hunchback of the Notre Dame

Walt Disney Records 22/09/2021 CD

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# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.The Bells of Notre DamePaul Kandel, David Ogden Stiers, Tony Jay and Chorus 
2.Morning in the Bell Tower (Score) 
3.Out ThereTony Jay and Tom Hulce 
4.The World Outside (Score) 
5.Feast of Fools (Score) 
6.Topsy TurvyPaul Kandel and Chorus 
7.The Pillory (Score) 
8.Humiliation (Score) 
9.Frollo's Judgement (Score) 
10.God Help the OutcastsHeidi Mollenhauer and Chorus 
11.The Cathedral (Score) 
12.Heaven's Light/HellfireTom Hulce and Tony Jay and Chorus 
13.Find the Girl (Score) 
14.A Guy Like YouJason Alexander, Charles Kimbrough, Mary Wickes and Mary Stout 
15.Escape (Score) 
16.The Court of MiraclesPaul Kandel and Chorus 
17.Sanctuary! (Score) 
18.And He Shall Smite the Wicked (Score) 
# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.Emergence (Score) 
2.The Bells of Notre Dame (Reprise) Performed by Paul Kandel and Chorus 
4.God Help the OutcastsBette Midler 
5.The Bells of Notre Dame (Demo)Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz 
6.Die Glocken Notre Dames (From the Musical 
7.Out There (Demo 1)Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken 
8.Out There (Demo 2)Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz 
9.Draussen (From the Musical 
10.Topsy Turvy (Demo 1)Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz 
11.Topsy Turvy (Demo 2)Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz 
12.God Help the Outcasts (Demo 1)Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz 
13.God Help the Outcasts (Demo 2)Heidi Mollenhauer 
14.Someday (Demo)Alan Menken 
15.SomedayHeidi Mollenhauer 
16.In a Place of Miracles (Synth Demo)Alan Menken, Heidi Mollenhauer and Stephen Schwartz 
17.Hellfire (Demo)Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz 
18.Heaven's Light (Reprise: Demo)Alan Menken 
19.A Guy Like You (1st Demo)Alan Menken 
20.A Guy Like You (Full Demo)Alan Menken 
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