Superman: The Music 1978-1988
2nd Edition

Film Score Monthly (0099552025227)
Film | Data wydania: 14/08/2013 | Format: CD
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# Tor   Czas
Superman: The Movie
1.Theme From Superman4:23
2.Prelude and Main Title5:02
3.The Planet Krypton6:36
4.Destruction of Krypton7:53
5.The Kryptonquake2:24
6.The Trip to Earth2:30
7.Growing Up2:32
8.Jonathan's Death3:23
9.Leaving Home4:48
10.The Fortress of Solitude9:18
11.The Mugger2:07
12.Lex Luthor's Lair4:48
13.Helicopter Sequence5:55
14.The Burglar Sequence/Chasing Crooks3:18
15.Super Rescues2:16
16.The Penthouse1:31
17.The Flying Sequence8:10
18.Clark Loses His Nerve0:46
# Tor   Czas
Superman: The Movie
1.The March of the Villains3:35
2.The Truck Convoy/Miss Teschmacher Helps3:24
3.To the Lair2:18
4.Trajectory Malfunction/Luthor's Lethal Weapon3:24
5.Chasing Rockets4:57
7.Pushing Boulders/Flying to Lois5:21
8.Turning Back the World2:03
9.The Prison Yard/End Title6:37
10.Love Theme From Superman4:58
11.Prelude and Main Title3:46
12.The Planet Krypton3:16
13.The Dome Opens2:30
14.The Mugger1:24
15.I Can Fly (Flying Sequence segment)2:01
16.Can You Read My Mind (film version)3:02
17.Trajectory Malfunction1:01
18.Turning Back the World2:16
19.The Prison Yard/End Title (film version)5:44
# Tor   Czas
Superman II
1.Preface/Villains in Zone/Main Title March8:18
2.Superman to Paris/Lois Climbs Tower2:47
3.Walkie-Talkies/Gelignite Bangs/Superman Saves Lift2:08
4.Lift Into Space - Releasing the Villains1:32
5.Orange Juice/Prison Intro/My Little Black Box1:48
6.Ursa Flies Over Moon/Spacecraft Wrecked/Moon to Earth4:04
7.Lex Escapes2:03
8.Sleeping Arrangements/Relaxing at Niagara/Looks Familiar/Superman Saves Boy3:31
9.Lex and Miss Teschmacher to Fortress/Lex Plans Partnership2:35
10.Suspecting Lois Takes the Plunge/Clark Fumbles Rescue/Villains Land by Lake3:33
11.Clark Exposed as Superman3:11
12.Sheriff and Duane Meet Villains/Lovers Fly North2:21
13.Daddy's Rise and Fall/Flight for Flowers/East Houston Battle3:03
14.Lovers at Dinner Table/Zod Meets General1:35
15.Mother's Advice1:49
16.To Bed - Mount Rushmore - Sweet Dreams1:32
17.President Kneels Before Zod1:53
18.Fight in Diner1:04
19.TV President Resigns -- Clark to Fortress2:42
20.Return of the Green Crystal/Bored Zod2:16
21.Non Wrecks Office1:27
22.Aerial Battle/Zod Throws Slab/Superman Saves Spire4:49
23.Superman Saves Petrol Tanker/Superman Fights Zod/Superman Flies Off4:29
24.Villains Take Lex and Lois to Fortress/School Games3:11
25.Superman Pulls Big Switch/Superman Triumphs Over Villains1:56
26.Sad Return1:38
27.Lois Forgets1:46
28.Happy Lois Back to Normal/Superman Replaces Stars and Stripes/End Title March5:34
# Tor   Czas
Superman III
1.Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis)5:27
2.Gus on Computer After the Cents1:06
3.Saving the Factory -- The Acid Test6:11
4.Pay Day for Gus/School Gym -- Earth Angel/Vulcan1:37
5.Lana and Clark in Cornfield/Clark Rescues Ricky2:27
6.Gus Shows the Booze/Gus Finds a Way1:20
8.Colombian Storm1:30
9.Kryptonite/Gus Down Building/Searching for Kryptonite2:16
10.Lana and Clark on Telephone/Kryptonite Sting/Superman Affected by Kryptonite/Superman Too Late1:48
11.Tower of Pisa/What Will It Do for Me1:58
12.Superman and Lorelei on Statue/Superman Ruins Tanker2:19
13.Boxes in Canyon/Drunken Superman3:22
14.The Two Faces of Superman2:52
15.The Struggle Within2:27
16.The Final Victory2:15
17.Preparing Balloons/Superman Coming/Computer3:02
18.Rockets/Video Games/Big Missile3:11
19.Superman Confronts Ross/Computer Takes Over/Gus Fights Ross2:13
20.The Computer Comes Alive/Superman Leaves Computer Cave2:32
21.Metal Vera/Computer Blows Up2:55
22.Gus Flying With Superman1:19
23.Diamond Sting/Thank You Superman/Superman Gus/Clark Gives Lana Diamond Ring1:40
24.End Credits4:28
# Tor   Czas
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
1.Fanfare/Space Saver1:48
2.Main Title/Back in Time5:40
3.Pow!/Good Morning2:45
4.Smoke the Yokes/Nefarious1:04
5.To Work/Train Stopper2:06
6.Someone Like You (Lacy's Theme)3:17
7.Jeremy's Theme2:13
8.For Real/The Class1:43
9.Hair Raisers0:59
10.Lacy/The Visit2:27
11.First Nuclear Man5:24
12.Nuke 1 Fight/Ashes3:45
14.Fresh Air4:33
15.United Nations/Net Man4:42
16.Sunstroke/Enter Nuclear Man 25:25
17.Flight to Earth/Introducing Nuclear Man 23:27
18.Lacy (disco version)2:13
19.Lacy's Place5:23
20.Ear Ache/Confrontation/Tornado8:09
22.Statue of Liberty Fight3:44
# Tor   Czas
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
1.Nuclear Man Theme2:45
2.Down With Flu3:12
3.Two-Faced Lex/Missile Buildup1:39
5.Abducted/Mutual Distrust4:43
6.Metropolis Fight/Lift to the Moon3:36
7.Moon Fight/Goodbye Nuke5:06
8.Come Uppance/Lifted/Quarried/Flying With Jeremy/End Credits9:34
9.Fresh Air (album version)4:35
10.Someone Like You (Lacy's Theme) (slow version)3:33
11.Red Square Band0:52
12.Superfly Guy4:11
13.Headphone Heaven3:23
14.Revolution Now4:26
15.Saxy Sadie4:47
16.Krypton Nights4:44
17.Life's Too Dangerous3:14
19.Lois Love4:56
# Tor   Czas
Superman (1988 animated series)
1.Main Title (Williams/Jones)1:07
2.Drone/Blown Drone2:12
3.Talk With Lex2:29
4.Trouble in the Park/Fire Rescues3:23
5.Supe Quits/Fake Quake2:20
6.Saved From Lava/Plans2:18
7.Super Defendroid/Operation Nugget2:40
8.Droid Wars/Warning3:25
9.Superman's Family Album: The Adoption4:23
10.Main Title Alternate (Jones)1:08
11.Alien Discovery2:01
12.The Suit1:36
13.Daily Planet Mystery Play-On/Jimmy and Chief1:14
14.Kyroni Encounter2:22
15.The Planting/Ship's Log2:16
16.Something's Up 2/Bad Guy Dialogue 11:28
17.Trouble in Metropolis0:50
18.Aliens Take Over the World2:07
19.Superman's Family Album: The Supermarket3:54
20.Superman Theme1:02
21.China Play-On/Nukua's Theme1:26
23.Transition 3/Bad Guy Dialogue 6/Dragon's Treasure1:21
24.Prankster's Theme/Game Montage/No Baseball3:48
25.Superman's Family Album: The First Day of School4:35
26.Library Suite 1 (arr. Mark McKenzie)4:53
27.Library Suite 23:21
28.Aliens Take Over the World (alternate 1 - orchestra only)2:06
29.Library Suite 32:41
30.Library Suite 42:02
31.Library Suite 51:52
32.Aliens Take Over the World (alternate 2 - strings/synth only)1:26
33.Library Suite 61:32
34.Library Suite 70:36
35.End Title0:27
# Tor   Czas
Superman: The Movie
1.Prelude and Main Title (film version)5:19
2.The Flying Sequence (album version)8:11
3.Can You Read My Mind (original version)2:51
4.Can You Read My Mind (non-vocal version)3:02
5.Kansas High School1:56
6.Kansas Kids1:49
7.Lois Car Radio2:02
8.Luthor's Luau2:43
Superman II
9.Honeymoon Hotel3:11
10.Country & Western2:07
11.East Houston Cafe2:13
12.Car Radio for Ride Back0:56
13.Diner Jukebox 12:14
14.Diner Jukebox 22:16
Superman III
15.Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis) (alternate)5:26
16.Pay Day for Gus (alternate)0:40
17.Colombian Storm Part 11:05
18.Olympic Parade0:25
19.Apres Ski1:04
Songs Composed by Giorgio Moroder
20.Rock On3:40
21.No See, No Cry3:16
22.They Won't Get Me3:20
23.Love Theme3:13
24.Main Title March (Williams, arr. Moroder)4:14
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