The Shark Is Still Working

Film | Data wydania: 14/08/2012 | Uwolnienie filmu: 2007 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
1.The Shark Is Still Working Theme1:21
2.On-Set Setbacks1:13
3.Lights, Camera...Hold On1:19
4.Robot Shark2:00
5.The Indianapolis Saga2:24
6.Yellow Barrels1:58
7.Martha's Song1:26
8.The Shark Is Not Working1:51
9.The Kid At The Table0:58
11.Fans Of The Fin1:56
14.Ticket To Terror1:32
15.A Time For Reflection3:27
16.Lurking Beneath0:59
17.The Year Was 1975!0:50
19.You Always Make Me Smile3:11
20.Call Me Ishmael1:27
21.The Legacy5:06
22.Bloody Tourists!1:15
23.Summer In Edgartown1:46
24....A Whaaat?0:59
25.The Amity Suite5:01
26.The Human Effect0:51
27.Feeding Frenzy1:04
28.Jaws Forever1:30
29.Fate Of The Sharks2:33
30.Cage Attack1:01
31.Great White1:30
32.Deep Blue4:15
34.Mother Cutter1:39
35.In Celebration Of Our Heroes2:29
36.Surviving The Challenge2:23
37.Show Me The Way To Go Home (guitar Greg Parker, vocal Michael McCormack)3:12
38.Spanish Ladies (guitar Greg Parker, vocal Michael McCormack)2:51
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