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Goldsmith At 20th Vol. 1 – Von Ryan’s Express / The Blue Max

La-La Land Records 01/12/2020 CD - 2000 kopie (826924154427)

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# Tor   Czas
Score Presentation
1.Meet Von Ryan0:24
2.Stolen Goods Part I2:32
3.Stolen Goods Part II0:44
4.Fire Sale4:01
5.The Freedom Marchers0:53
6.The Resting Place1:36
8.Shot In The Back0:51
9.Welcome To Rome1:46
10.Farewell To Rome0:47
11.A New Crew0:44
12.The Love Birds0:51
13.Mission Accomplished0:32
14.The Clock Watcher2:38
15.Dead End Part I1:40
16.Dead End Part II0:51
18.End Of The Line0:48
Additional Music
19.Welcome To Rome (Mono Version)1:47
20.Funeral Sequence1:48
21.Fire Sale (Alternate Take)4:13
The Blue Max Original Soundtrack Album
22.Main Title The Blue Max2:26
23.Love Theme From The Blue Max1:47
25.First Blood3:04
27.Confirmed Kill4:19
28.The Lonely Victor3:32
29.Intermission Title0:43
30.Bridge Duel3:17
32.Food Riot2:29
33.End Title2:37
34.Watch On The Rhine1:45
35.Pour Le Mérite March2:18
36.Deutschland Uber Alles (German National Anthem)0:51
Additional MusicSource
37.Student Song Medley2:11
38.Polish Girl0:43
39.Freut Euch Des Lebens1:29
40.Artist’s Life No.1:46
41.German Parade March0:30
42.Artist’s Life No. 21:01
43.Gloria March0:25
# Tor   Czas
The Blue Max Score Presentation
1.Main Title The Blue Max2:26
2.The New Arrival1:26
3.A Pretty Medal1:45
4.First Blood (Film Version)2:25
5.The First Victory0:43
6.The Captive1:49
7.The Victim2:36
8.The Cobra1:41
9.The Attack5:32
10.Dinner Party0:57
11.A Small Favor0:58
12.Love Theme From The Blue Max (Film Version)1:19
13.A Good Man0:28
14.Intermission Play Out1:08
15.Intermission Play In1:43
16.Bridge Duel3:17
17.Stachel’s Confessions1:36
18.The Retreat Part I3:16
19.The Retreat Part II4:29
20.Stachel In Berlin Part I1:19
21.Stachel In Berlin Part II1:16
22.Nothing Needed0:43
23.Kaeti Has A Plan3:33
24.Stachel’s Last Flight2:00
25.End Title And Cast2:43
Additional Music
26.The Attack (Original Version)5:31
27.First Blood (Revised Opening)0:57
28.First Blood (Discrete Version)2:27
29.The Attack (Alternate Edit)6:32
30.The Retreat Parts I and II (Intended Film Edit)7:41
31.End Cast (Alternate Take)1:15
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